The vertical line

I met up with the ex-OI folks today at Sarah’s place to celebrate the end of an ever-fun time at OI. It has been really happening to see all 6 departures within less than 6 months. The good thing is everyone is really much happier now. However we can’t deny that by working our asses off at OI (and underpaid and under-appreciated), what we have learnt was quite a lot, both good and bad things. Okay, let’s stop talking about OI as I feel so tired and hopeless thinking about it. And it is also NOT the objective of this post. Sorry, I digress.

So we were supposed to have mojitos and pizzas and chills by the pool, kindly hosted by Sarah. There turned out to be only 4 of us again, the ASEAN Fantastic Four (*excuse us for the shameless self-praise).

The first thing Sar told me was: Wei u lost weight? I laughed, thinking about how ironical it is when I feel so devastated every morning when I need to select the outfit for work. I didn’t expect this.

Later when we were chilling by the pool, the girls were so shy that all of us hesitated to take off our outerwear. Sarah couldn’t bare the craps and she went ahead saying: I don’t care, I want to swim and I’m taking off my wrap now. I and SE were like: hmm I want to get wet too but I don’t want to show off my fats. SE wanted to lose the bottom but I wanted to lose the top only. After much ado, SE took off her shorts and I pulled over my top.

Then SE said: “Jenny why you have those vertical lines?? I want it”. And Sar: “Jenny your tan is nice”. I was actually quite shy, trying to hide myself somewhere and I was not expecting this reaction to be honest so I tried to say something in return to carry the conversation. But I was happy, I think (okay, I assumed they really think the lines and the tans are nice yea). Who wouldn’t right? And Wen kept saying I secretly exercise behind their backs LOL.

So I was thinking about how much it has made a difference if one exercises. Of course it would be the happiness and satisfaction when someone realizes it. I haven’t really exercised properly for months yet the result of what I had done before is still here (although I must admit the lines are vanishing if I keep being lazy like this). I was really motivated after that, thinking about how much cooler i could be if i start exercise regularly now.

I shared this with Gau and I think that pushed him a little bit as well. He did the leg exercise with me this evening and we talked about hitting the pool again tomorrow. I don’t know how to elaborate this unexpected so-called happiness anymore but it definitely had put a grin on my face.

To the park and to the pool again everybody! For vertical lines and a toned up body!

P/S: I want to rent a room or a flat in a condo after this current house. That means free access to gym and swimming pool however it also means an increase of monthly rental cost and traveling time to work. Sigh…

P/S’: And we were talking about taking dance classes and I was reminded how much i love dancing. Let’s see.

The vertical line

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