Blue Monday

I know i shouldn’t have picked on you. I was just too tired and frustrated about this annual house-moving things. I don’t like it when you assumed too much and your assumptions refrain you from doing what you’re supposed to do. What’s with all the “I think …” and “I guess…”? How many times you have proved it wrong that things are plainly not as what you think and you would never get something if you don’t try to ask for it.

My problem with this is I can do the calling and asking but why me? You agreed to do it yesterday then why suddenly you just shouted: I’m not calling him? And it’s not like calling a monster or a ghost. Just do a little bit of negotiation is all that I ask from you.

I know what you’re tired from work too. But you promised to do your thing then just freaking do it. I’m tired of talking too much and nothing is done. None is confirmed. I’m tired of worrying for myself and for us. And I’m tired of pushing you.

I am not feeling comfortable with the housemates anymore. Why are we the one cleaning the house and telling everybody else to do it? Isn’t it supposed to be everybody’s responsibility? And the thing is when I keep reminding them, I would feel like I’m insulting them. Why couldn’t you take initiative to do such a small thing that you say you’d do. It’s once every month only, not like once every single day… I really want to have a break free from seeing any of the faces at least in the next 1 month. I’m really sorry if I sound harsh but I wish to be alone for one month now.

Man, I’m tired of all this stupid shit. If only I could have a place for my own self.

Give me a break!

Blue Monday

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