another leap

I don’t know if it’s early to write about the leap i’m going to make. But I’m writing about it, anyways.

The last 6 working months have been awesome for me. I came in with a worry if I’m gonna dip myself in a typical Japanese environment that everyone was warning me about. It turned out that I have much enjoyed myself and the time here. The people are so nice. What I learn about Japanese is they are utter polite. Here is one example. Typically, Japanese people would say thanks for your efforts first before they criticizing your work. I find that very considerate and super polite. The internal people are awesome, they are supportive and responsible. I felt we have a real good team here to run everything. For a short while, I kept comparing this with the previous agency and it seems like this is the best agency i could ever dream of.

I couldn’t forget mentioning my boss. She is the bestest boss I’ve ever had so far. She gave me guidance on all things happening to me for the last 6 months, from work to personal stuff to things that relate to none of the aforementioned. She taught me and let me figure out my way. She had given me her trust to run the project and be accountable for it. And she gave me a chance to learn that AE should be respected and let me earn the respect. I couldn’t be more thankful for that. For every mistake that I’ve made, she corrected it but not stepped on me. For every battle that we were drawn into, we were on together. Work, and sometimes fighting, is so much fun with her around. The truth is: i have never laughed with any kind of boss that I have laughed with her.

And she taught me: Be wise and courageous to know when you need to jump ship and jump!

Seasons come and go. And I know when I need to take a leap. Now I have done all the necessities, I would just need one last step before jumping. I’ve been dying waiting for that one line status to change and I just have a mixture of excitement and worries in my mind whenever i log in to the system. Not only me, those who are concerned have been asking me for updates regularly as well. I know it means something to them as well as to me.

After the turn, the new road is much rockier to go but for sure, I’m gonna grow on it. What I don’t have now is experience but I have a fast-learning skill to make up for it. I’m thrilled to learn and i’m satisfied when my learning rewards.

This Japanese chapter is gonna close soon. Again, I can’t express how much grateful I am for the last 6 months. I’m gonna miss everybody, especially Mech, Nic, Sheils and Ren 🙂 I hope everyone else can fly soon.

another leap

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