I was so angry the other day when a funny guy back-stabbed me. I was getting really mad and just blown him off in front of the big boss. Hey, I go to office to work, not to play politic games. And can you be any more pathetically insecure?

Anyway, that’s just a pinch of salt. I sent an email on the same day to announce my departure and what I received made me … fly for the rest of the day.



And 3. I was on the line with a partner and I just happened to mention my departure. He asked me where I’m going to, I said I’m jumping to another ship etc. Guess what he said then: “Oh, we actually want you to work for us, as an Account Manager. When X left, I thought things would be crazy but you are there to settle everything and everything goes so smoothly. We are so happy with you. It’s too bad that you have already had another place to go to otherwise you can join us…”

I guess all these people couldn’t get how much their appreciation means to me. I was sooo happy that I totally forgot how crazily angry I had been in the morning. Thank you so much indeed!


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