summer update

– I’m travelling with Gau’s family to Con Dao in a week’s time
– My third purchase from ASOS will arrive after i’m back from Con Dao. 2 neon watches and a bikini bottom, all in all at $41. Dirt cheap.
– I’m commencing my new job in 2 weeks’ time. Looking forward to it.
– I’m still thinking about getting a MacBook Air. Gau is buying for me but should i get it?
– I’m travelling to Kuching in Aug and back home in Oct with Gau ❤
– My hair is growing fast now, should I rebond?
– I wanna buy basketball shorts. Gau promised to get me a jersey with my name printed on the back. Yay!
– I have way too many summer dresses and bikinis.
– I love hitting the basketball courts and go swimming. I really wish to do more of that.
– I’m trying to maintain the abs i seldom have.
– I looooooove rambutan, having eating way too much.
– Still looking for an affordable dance class. Thinking if I should do hiphop or jazz, what is the difference anyways? Haha.
– Note to self no.1: always apply sunblock and bring shades when going out.
– Note to self no.2: always stay happy.

summer update

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