getting a Master

I had an argument with my Mom again yesterday. This time, as above subject.

Seriously, I know qualifications are essential in all kinds of society. Especially, when most people can get a Degree nowadays, Master is something extra to go toward to. I know the rationale why my Mom is pushing me for it and honestly it makes sense to me. But I have my own reasons to feel uncomfortable.

The only thing I disagree with her is why I have to take a Master NOW?

I don’t even know if I’m gonna work in Advertising in the next 5 years or where I would be, which Master should I take now? For 1 moment, I love marketing, after 1 sec I want to be an Account Manager, that moment passed I want to be a Copywriter, next day I want to be a technopreneur and set up my own company. Now which area I should dive down now. It’s not the matter of a certification to me, it’s the knowledge and practice i would need to go through once i’ve decided. And a Master cert comes with a lot of money (talking about at least $100k for tuition fees now, living costs and other misc fees are not included), I want my money to be worth every single cent. I don’t want to get a Master of Marketing now and in the next 2 years, I don’t work in Marketing-related field anymore. On the other hand, I don’t want to put my money in some average schools just for the sake of getting a certification. Now, lets say if I have settled both the former (decided what to study and found a good school), the idea of starting over barehanded after a one-year course intimidates me. For the last 3 years, I’ve been living on niches and dimes to pay for my uni study loan. I have only just started saving up and enjoying a little bit now. The dream of getting things for my future has just given me some excitement, and now I’m already worried about burning my savings for that one year.

That’s about money, then about timing? I’ve been just working for merely 3 years yet I feel that’s not enough. Still I’m having so many things to learn everyday and while I’m totally fine with learning on the job, can i focus on this first? I’m not comfortable breaking down this learning path that i’m currently having simply because i’m progressing and there’s nothing wrong with it. Yes, I’ve been changing jobs but every time I’ve made a leap, my responsibilities increase (together with my paycheck). Wouldn’t it be a good thing? Additionally, what do people talk about “prime time” for working? That’s when you have just graduated and were fueled with motivation to work, you need to make the best of your time now. You wouldn’t want to end up being senior with less working experience than someone junior. That’s not a good feeling yea.

Speaking about my friends at home, every one is getting a Master. It’s like a contagious disease that people have with marriage. I’m so fed up with it. But to be honest, my take is on the culture. While it’s important for a woman in Vietnam to have a proper family, it’s equally important for a woman in Singapore to have a steady career. It might be normal and motivated for one to get married and earn a Master if surrounding you are those who have pursued the same steps. Similar to me, i was motivated to progress in my career because all the friends I’m having here are working hard to climb higher. It’s said that women shouldn’t give birth after 30, but i look around, how many of my friends even got married when they reach 30? Very little. I’m not saying that I am following their footsteps (its certainly not healthy, I know!) but my point is i feel irrelevant.

A classic example: someone getting a BA Degree and MBA from an Aussie uni. Came to Singapore, three years older than me and no working experience, she ended up not better than me. Tell me if an MBA would be that worthy?

All I would ever need from my Mom is some understanding and faith she can put on me. I will get a Master as and when and if I feel I need to. But when I don’t yet have a plan, please don’t push me to plan for it. I really don’t know what to plan for if I have no intention for it.

getting a Master

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