Lunch in the coffee shop no. 1
(Below is not my conversation)
– XXX wants to freelance for boss
– Huh?! It will never happen
– I also want to freelance
– Can wear pajamas and work
– Don’t need to brush teeth!
– Such a chore for you ah?
– I want to retire, so I don’t have to brush teeth yea!!!

Lunch in the coffee shop no. 2
(Below is not my conversation)
*The guys were talking about gym and fitness
– Stop it, your motivation to go to the gym is just to look at girls
– HAHAHA! So do you want to be my trainer? I’m serious now
*Other guy explaining about gym
– Hey, can you lift everyone up here using like 1 hand?
– These guys all bullshit. Then challenge each other with stupid things like little boys!

On the way to the basketball court
– XXX is going to see doctor for his skin?
– What happened to him?
– Some allergies i think.
– His face is reddish and looks swollen
– Hmm, since when I’ve known him, he always looks like that
– HAHAHA! Tomorrow you tell him ok! Tell him don’t bother to see doctor, your face looks the same to you.

On the basketball court
– Jenny, you never watch NBA ah?
– Seldom
– But you watch Singapore Slingers?
– Yea
– Why??!
– Hmm, i think i can relate to them
– How do you relate to them? Cos they play like you?
– ROFL!!!


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