the fight on the plane

There was this girl sitting next to me on the plane yesterday night. She was totally annoying. They have already announced that the plane was going to take off and all passengers needed to switch off their phone already, she just didn’t follow. She got even received some texts and calls when the plane just took off.

I was outright pissed. There was countless time I wanted to ring the air-stewardess to report her but she just hid her phone in the bag every time an air stewardess passed by so I thought I would just keep calm and not make a scene on the plane.

The phone is not everything. I let her have the arm rest. Okay, the arm rest isn’t mine at all but it’s in between me so I’d like to think i have a right to use it as well (at least half of it) but I gave it all to her. She took the arm rest. And she leaned over to my side which invaded my seat. It was so irritating when my arm just touched her woolen coat. Totally have no sense of privacy huh this girl?

That’s enough okay. I want the whole arm rest now. I fight witchu babe!

And I won bitch!

Her breathe just stinks when she woke up. I think its some basic courtesy to take a fresh mint or have a mouth wash after you take a nap or something, amirite?

Okay, I know I’m exaggerating la. I was bored on the plane but I’m honest to say this is the worst passenger-next-seat I’ve ever had so far.

the fight on the plane

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