watch collection

For those who don’t know me, I love watches. But I haven’t bought any single watch for me in my whole life. Read on and you will know why.

Despite already having 5 watches, I have just bought 2 more from ASOS. Having pretty good experience with ASOS before, I didn’t really need to think too much.

So this is what I ordered 2 weeks ago.

First, talking about designs. Both are simple yet modern designed, they look quite nice on the computer screen. It’s summer time so I would love to decorate myself with some neon accessories. I just felt in love at the first glance with the neon pink one because of the extra-long strap. I’ve always been thinking of getting a Swatch yet SGD80 just made me give it a second thought every time. Now, with only SGD21, it’s totally a good catch.

I checked my mailbox this afternoon and the watches already arrived safely.

A glimpse of how I carry them …

In terms of the real appearance, the colors aren’t as “neon” and strikingly bright as I expect them to be. However, they are not so dull as well, i think they are still very much eye-catchy and outstanding. Still be able to give the bearer a moderate amount of attention I guess.

In terms of real quality, of cos they couldn’t beat Swatch. Not mentioning about the battery life yet, here are just my initial thoughts when briefly tried them out this afternoon.
– The neon pink one: the strap is a bit hard and not wrist-hugging. It would make your wrist look bulky. I would rate this 8/10.
– The neon green one: there are some stains on the strap. I don’t really know what it is. At SGD13, i think i can just close both of my eyes for it although I know I could expect better quality from such a brand as ASOS. I would rate this 6.5/10.

And I’ve found a way to arrange all my watches.

From L-R: 1. A Q&Q Quartz from my Mom (present before I came to Singapore); 2. ASOS Neon Pink double strap; 3. Devina from Gau; 4. A Swatch Flik Flak (just a side note, I really recommend Swatch if you like a simple yet vibrant design plus a damn lasting quality); 5. ASOS Neon Green Rubber; 6. Adidas Pink (from Gau). I have 1 more watch from Gau which I didn’t hang it here.

Lastly, just a pic of me wearing Gau’s watch (he wanted me to keep his watch in my bag on the plane yesterday night. I was just lazy opening my bag so I wore it).

watch collection

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