New bio

I’ve just written a new intro. This time is for the application for the AWARD School.


I’m Jenny. Here’s the thing about me.

Some people say I’m funny (1).

I think i’m just a fool. That gives me the freedom to be random and silly. Oftentimes, I have crazy ideas which make people either nod their heads or roll their eyes. I’m just okay with both and i’m totally fine laughing at myself, which explains point (1). You can catch the random me here:

Okay, here’s a more serious me.

I’m doing accounts servicing for a local ad agency. I take care of my clients’ websites and other digital assets. Besides, I monitor their online appearance and stalk their competitors. My portfolio includes brands of various categories ranging from consumer & technology electronics, electronic payment system, business solutions to beauty products and retails. I get things done for my clients (which makes them happy) and make them pay more sometimes (which makes them angry less happy). I push the in-house team to move the project (which makes them unhappy) and protect them from unlimited shit (which makes them less unhappy). As a nature of my job, I need to play the role of a bad guy during the daytime, at times. But I’m just an average girl-next-door with whom you can grab a drink and tell me your BS in the nighttime. Some people are amused by this ability of mine, which again explains point (1). By the way, I’m more of a listener and observer. A professional me here: link to my Linkedin account

I think I’ve been deadly truthful about myself. Thanks for reading.


New bio

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