This week’s to-do

  1. Settle the assignment for the AWARD School. Fingers crossed, toes crossed, intestines crossed. Please give me all the luck in this world.
  2. Settle the toilet thing for my house. Why am I – the girl always the one settling this kind of things in the house?
  3. Remind the new boss of my arrival next week.
  4. Pack all the leftover stuff from the office.
  5. Farewell phonecalls to my clients.
  6. Farewell coffee with a partner. Need to call her.
  7. Farewell dinner with my colleagues. Need to tell everyone the plan.
  8. IPL appointment on Friday morning.
  9. Clean up the house for the arrival of queen mother and troublemaker.
  10. Check out the Gardens by the Bay How-to-get-there thingy

I need to get the work momentum back quickly this week and get ready for next week. But its so hard when i’m not really working sigh…

This week’s to-do

5 thoughts on “This week’s to-do

    1. Jenny says:

      Cam on ban! Minh chua apply nua vi van con dang cracking the brief 😛
      Hoc co gi hay chia se cho minh di 😀

      1. Khai says:

        Ráng apply đi, học bảo đảm không hối tiếc! 🙂
        Mình thì dốt nhất lớp, lại là international nữa nên thua kém tụi nó nhiều lắm 😦

  1. Khai says:

    nhưng mà học thì sáng mắt ra hơn… Mình nghĩ chắc là Award school bên Sing cũng vậy, nếu bạn gặp tutor tốt thì họ giúp mình nhiều lắm á!

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