new week update

I survived my first day at the new company. This morning I went to work eagerly like a kid coming back to school for a new semester. A little excited while i tried to keep my expectation low. Things have started off pretty well except for my crumbled shirt and the toilet of which the flush was really weak. That just says how concerned I’m for the environment.

It’s gonna take me a while to adapt to the new place but hopefully not too long. The good thing here is the team is really small. That means no hierarchy and no politics. At the same time, it means i’m gonna do pretty much of hands-on work which I haven’t been doing for the last 6 months with TYA (Since in TYA, there are different expertised people handling different aspect of work and they are all good so as a suit, I have fully put my trust in them). On another hand, I can also hope that things are easier to manage this way, no?

Another good thing is my new work area is awesome. I had 2 direct buses from home to office, 3 direct buses from office to home. There are many convenient amenities around and one could just be spoiled for choices of food. The area is accessible so I could easily hand out with the girls or ex-colleagues in town as well. The only bad thing is I’m now far from Gau so no more picking up after hours and chilling out with him after work, we might just need to do it … at home.

Last week, I have submitted my application for the AWARD school, at the very last minute. Creative is scary. I had the longest time to think about the concept but the one making sense only comes at the very last minute which I’m totally comfortable with. Research is fun and inspiring with you could look at all others’ work but when it’s going down to your own work, decisions are hard to make. Too many factors are to be considered. Various priorities need to be ordered. And you’re having butterflies in your stomach cos you’re not sure if other people would see the same way as how you see and are trying to communicate through your ads. And when you submitted your work, you know its gonna be one among a few hundred or thousand others. I don’t know. I have done my best and tried to pull all stops for it. Deep inside I wish I could be given this chance badly but on the surface I tell myself not to expect much to avoid any disappointment. If I’ve got in, I would do a reflection of the application process as seriously i have learnt some initial steps on the creative thinking process. Thanks to Gau who lent me a ear to evaluate my ideas from a perspective of a fresh user. Thanks to Nic who have helped me evaluate my ides from a perspective of a professional planner.

My mom and sister are in town, visiting for a week. I’ve been bad-tempered with my mom cos I can’t sit comfortably with the fact that she’s brought so many things … for me while apparently I had told her that do not bring anything. She comes here to rest so I don’t want her to cook for me, wait for me and then wash the dishes for me. Serious! And it’s not I can’t live with it. Just had a quick chat with my Dad and i’ve been so calmly explaining my stand to him. Hope he would communicate that to my Mom as obviously my mom didn’t listen to me anymore. Her love has grown beyond and she’s just trying to do what she’s think the best for me. While with me, I appreciate that but i think it’s not necessary and where i’m coming from is I want her to rest and just enjoy herself while staying here.

Well, that’s a pretty long update for today yea. Tomorrow is another day, 4 discussions in a row and I’m learning new stuff. Trying to fill the new role as i know the expectation from the other side is great. I’m trying my best and need to quickly figure things out. Fixed the keys for my mom today, hopefully no locking out tomorrow and hope she would get something for my Dad, grandma and uncle soon so she could clear that off her mind.

That’s all folks and good night. Stay tuned for your local news, I’m Cat Deeley. Nah.. Jenny N.

new week update

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