my Mom and 2kg of stuff

** Overdue post

I sent my Mom off at the airport yesterday afternoon. It was always sad to say goodbye. She delicately said i should go back to Vietnam to be with her but i rejected the idea. At least for now. It was so hard for me every time it happens. I felt like i’m being hopeless and inconsiderate to my Mom. Anyway, I will see her and Daddy again this Oct. It’s coming fast and I can’t wait.

Now let’s talk about something less emotional now.

I saw my Mom at the Departure gate and as usual, I waited for her to pass the Customs to make sure everything was good before i left the airport. That day, I saw 2 security women directing my Mom and my sister through the baggage check counter. I couldn’t see what was happening in that room so I remained standing there and waited. 15 mins passed, I felt something was going wrong. How could a baggage check take one 15 mins, provided in this case my Mom had packed everything thoughtfully. I waited for a few more minutes before I approached one lady who directed my Mom thru the room before and asked her if she could help me check what was wrong with my Mom and sister. She said if there was something wrong, my mom and sister would be able to come out and get to me if needed; otherwise it might be the case where the baggage exceeded the weight allowance. At the back of my mind, I know she was right since obviously my Mom had got way too many things in her luggage. So i tried to keep my anxiety down and continue waiting. I hoped if my Mom couldn’t pass the gate, probably she would come out and get me bring the excess luggage home for me. Another 15 mins passed and they were still inside. I got impatient yet most importantly i felt an urge to go to the toilet urgently. But I was tossed around the thought if my Mom went out now and she didn’t see me at the gate, it would be more difficult for her. So i kept waiting for a couple of minutes before i couldn’t hold it anymore and left for the toilet. Well, the moment i stood up from the toilet bowl, there was a call to me from a Blocked number. I was hoping it was my Mom asking me to help her. It was really her but well, she told me she had passed the customs and paid $60 for 2kg of excess baggage. I was like: HUH??! $60. My goodness! With $60, i could have bought 30kg prior to the flight. That’s so expensive, Tiger Airways >.< The funny thing is my Mom had only $50 in cash in her pocket at the moment, so the officers insisted she removing something out. My Mom said: I can’t. All these things i bought as presents for people at home. I couldn’t leave with my hands empty blah blah blah. And what is the decision? They assigned one officer to follow my Mom inside and took another $10 after my Mom had claimed the tax. Too troublesome for 2kg excess yea? I asked my Mom why she didn’t get out and look for me, I could bring the excess stuff back and bring home in Oct. She said: well i thought you left already, as usual. As usual??! I always waited for her to pass the customs and until i couldn’t see her anymore, she just didn’t know that =.=

Anyways, lessons learnt from here?
1. Never bring more than you are allowed. (I hope my Mom would really get bitter from this otherwise she won’t be able to help herself from carrying too many things when traveling)
2. Never fly with Tiger? LOL
3. Always try to bargain, that works… sometimes
4. Rely on help.

Well, indeed a lot of trouble for 2kg.

Whatever it is, I miss my Mom right now!

my Mom and 2kg of stuff

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