the award school (update)

Just a quick update about this for whoever interested in my result (probably, Khai?).

Well, I didn’t pass *tears 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦

Well, I am not gonna dig deep in identifying the factors that affect my application. It can be a thing for me, probably not, I don’t know yet. But I don’t take this failure as a conclusion of my ability. At least i tried my best to submit the application in time (short of a few minutes from the deadline it was :P). The application was indeed a good experience for me to go through the thinking exercise, evaluating the ideas, considering factors and deciding the ideas. I was thinking i should write more about it in another post for my own reference or share with whoever interested in this area. I will just need to set some time aside and not be lazy. #iwilltry. Well, let’s stand up and move on from this, I might never know if there is another better door opening soon for me. (Like when TAG failed me, TYA got me in and i had to thank TAG after that for letting me come to TYA #blessingindisguise). Thanks to all who have given me your support: Gau, Nic, Mech, Khai etc. I appreciate that.

It would be perfect timing for me if I could get in the course at the moment and honestly I haven’t had any plan for this result. My work momentum is already back and i have to keep it running so I need to plan for the immediate next steps now. Exploring and considering all my opportunities now.

the award school (update)

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