it’s August 2012

WHAT?! Already August!

Half of the year has passed. I have spent the first 6 months of the year with awesome people at TYA, for the rest of the year, I’m in the big S, enjoying it for the past 2 weeks. Been travelling pretty much, mostly to nice beaches and lovely towns in Malaysia. Failed the Award school and am still sad about it. Got myself 4 plants and they are growing. Made some new friends here and there and lost contact with some others. That’s fairly all about the past half year. I’m thankful for everything i’ve got and for the things i’ve lost which motivates me to try harder.

For the next 5 months of the year, I don’t wish for any happening event to occur. Instead, here is how I plan to spend the months:
– Do good in the big S, carrying myself to meet the high expectation of the boss i have myself set.
– Stay healthy, need to be back on the basketball court, running tracks and swimming lanes.
– Refrain myself from surfing ASOS and Gmarket and online-shopping >.<.
– Read one or two books.
– Learn something from coursera.

it’s August 2012

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