its Friday

Had a long day at work. Nowadays, meetings can run over 3,4 hours and that’s something normal I should get used to. Mentioned in my previous post, I was super motivated with work now. All the projects are lining up and there are so many opportunities for me. Got my hands dirty to do all kind of things now, from data audit & structuring, project management, copywriting to proposal. Data audit is fun but i should get my hands off it quickly before it burns me out. PM is fine, that’s what i’ve been doing all awhile. I’m doing a little bit of copywriting for now and the moderate amount just keeps me happy. Not too little, not too much, it’s just nice to get me write something sometimes. Proposal is fun, requires so much of thinking and research. But it’s where i need to improve on. Some people are happy when their jobs are done, i would be happy if my ideas are bought (provided that my ideas are good enough, and that’s why i need training). I’m just excited with all the prospects and can’t wait for each planning sessions.

The boss is so supportive. He is giving me room to grow by asking me to be on top of everything and therefore getting someone to support me. With an extra hand, i’d be able to do so much more. On the other hand, the high expectation is pressing on me and i feel like i couldn’t stop working, cos otherwise i would lose this opportunity.

Fun stuff of the day:
during my looong meeting today with a respected American client, I was focusing on the data structure and getting stressed with the huge amount of data i need to sort it out. Suddenly the client burst out singing and doing some beats. That made me LOL and for some seconds, i forgot what i was supposed to do.

Bought my laptop home today, think i would try to clear some stuff off my plates this weekend. The boys are coming over for a drink, it’s gonna be a late night again. Need to get back to the tracks very soon. The size of my tummy is alarming bigger and the worst thing is i have lost my motivation in exercises. Damn it!

Till next time…

its Friday

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