settling in

Overdue post. Wrote the below about 2 weeks ago. Only publish it now.


So I’ve been in my new job for a week. I think it wouldn’t be exaggeratedly proud to say that I have managed to leave some good impressions and scored some brownie points. Big boss talked to me on the 4th day and told me that he saw the competence in me, for that he’s been very happy so far.

For me, I’m still in the adapting stage. Everything is mostly different in terms of clients, processes, etc and etc. In fact I had a lot of questions in my mind regarding the system and working style, however after meeting a few clients this week, I finally realized why it has been the way it has been. I can see there are some areas where I could contribute and add value to, however it’s probably too early to instill those.
Since i’ve been comparing the new environment with where I came from, this will be a perfect time for me to reflect of what valuable things i’ve learned previously.
1. Never do anything with no purpose. In other words, always do everything with a purpose. Always ask: what is this for?
2. Keep the back-end things internally and show the client designs with rationales. Not everyone can visualize stuff without some static images in front of them
3. When planning, plan backwards and start with a goal
4. Appreciate group lunch cos having lunch alone is lonely. (However, I start to like it now..)
A glimpse of my awesome work area. I love this area and it feels like i would never finish discovering it.
settling in

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