plant project

I have recently found a joy in planting (which my dad says i inherit that from him).

Bought the first 2 plants on Valentine’s Day this year and man, they are growing really quickly. I even needed to ask my Mom for help to transfer the plant from the small pot to a bigger one. I gradually added 2 more later on, one of which is green chili. When my Mom left, I plugged the biggest chili for my Mom to bring back for my Dad. My Dad later said it tasted very nice lol. 2 weeks go, I and Gau ventured something new, we bought some seeds. One if red chili and one is baby blue eyes which looks so nice on the picture. After seeding them in the pots, we forgot to mark which is which. The thing is now one has grown with leaves and the other seems to fail. I just don’t know if the one growing is red chili or baby blue eyes. Let’s wait and see.

It’s so joyful to watch the plants grow everyday. Trust me the progress is visible. It’s just little something in life that makes you happy ❤

The below pic is my newest addition, i hope it would be baby blue eyes but Gau said it might be red chili though. Well, let’s see.

plant project

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