find your phone

This post is for all iPhone users.

Read the story here: Where is David Pogue’s iPhone? and How to make your lost phone findable? (Well, i dont think the title "How to make your lost phone findable" sounds correct. Once you’ve lost your phone, there’s nothing you can do with it unless you make a call and make it ring, that’s all. It should be: how to make your phone findable when lost. Anyway, ignore me.)

So, i’ve just checked out iCloud and it’s bloody nice. I had the account yet i never used it LOL.

You can check mail and access your contact book, manage your appointment from the computer. (Read: you don’t need to stick your eyes to the small iPhone screen). And most importantly, you can locate where your phone is. Awesome isn’t it?

I tried Find my Phone and it shows me exactly where I am. Nice!

find your phone

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