Last weekend was fun. The boys came over on Saturday for some drinks and we went out cycling on Sunday

It was fun to gather and just eat and talk, even though we meet each other like every week (???!, lol). There were endless things to share and sometimes a stupid joke can crack a good laugh. It might sound silly but it is fun being harsh to your close friends. You know he doesn’t take it to heart and it’s like he won’t slap you back if you have slapped him. Just to make sure you don’t slap him back as well when he slaps you, that’s the rule LOL.

It dawned on me that I should have taken care of my parents now more than ever. Sam highlighted that he has bought insurance for his family as you never know, what might happen and when. It’s true however, I have never believed in insurance and i don’t even have one for myself. But what he made sense and i should get one for my dad, mom and sister. Life is unpredictable and it’s just safer to get your backside protected. Gau and I would check on AIA.

Knowing that someone needs to take care of his sibling and often times it’s a pain if the sibling doesn’t know how to appreciate his effort, i should thank my parents for taking care of this part for me. Well, it’s a good thing from having a sister/brother with a short age gap. It is a heavy burden on the parents’ shoulders when both are growing up, however once they have settled themselves in a way or two, everyone is relieved. Thanks Dad and Mom for being so brave. (Raising successful children)

Girls might seem complicated to understand, indecisive, crazy, whatever and whatevers. Guys, please don’t use that excuse to stop showing your care and concern. Don’t be afraid of being labeled “thick-face” when chasing for girls. At the end of the day, you’ve got her or not, that’s all that matters.

We cycled 17km on Sunday, from East Coast Park to Changi Village. The whole journey takes about 2 hours. It was a good cycling session, except for the usual ass-pain. My chain went off once and i managed to put it back with the help of Gau and KC. The weather was perfect, enough sun to make you feel happy and enough wind to cool down your temperature. We reached the beach when we came closer to the village. It was a Awesome-ness. From far, it’s no difference from the beautiful beach we visited in Phuket or Kota Kinabalu with the heavenly shades of blue and vanishing horizon. However, the sand bar is much shorter and the waves are pretty fierce. But it’s enough to give you a nice picture.

We ended the energetic Sunday with scrumptious meal at Long Phung, the restaurant famous for its authentic food in Joo Chiat area. I had bún thịt nướng and đá me while the guys had bún bò huế, bún bò kho, trà đá, cà phê sữa, sinh tố mít.. LOL, yea a lot. Sam was too hungry that he ordered both bún bò huế and bún thịt nướng. We share a dish of ốc len xào sa tế but it wasn’t very fantastic. The bill came at only $48 for all of the above. $12 each which is considerably cheap for a full nice meal. Well, it’s hard to get this rate if you dine in town.

Wrapping up the day by a miscommunication between Sam and us. So, Sam had to go settle “his thing”. The toilet in the restaurant wasn’t clean enough and it was horribly stinky. So we all suggested him use the public toilet in a shopping mall nearby. I said: go do you thing, we would pick you up later. However, later on, Gau and KC wanted to take another bus home and it was either the stupid GPS or the blur boys who didn’t know how to use GPS made us walk one big round before ending up in the bus-stop just opposite the restaurant (good exercise after meal yea!!!) I sent the location to Sam and told him: meet us here. However, the bus reached before we got him in sight. So everyone was in the state of should we leave him or wait for him. The bus driver can’t wait, so we boarded the bus. Both I and KC made a call to Sam, yet couldn’t get through to him. When we reached home, KC realized that Sam left his keys and cards and shirt in his bag. And the most important thing is we know he was cashless. So here is a scenario for his situation: his phone’s batt ran dry, he couldn’t board a bus (cos his card was with KC) so he got to take a cab home. And since he was cashless, he would tell the taxi driver: i have money at home. However when he reached home, he couldn’t get in the condo (since the key was also with KC) and he couldn’t call his brother (cos his phone’s batt was dry), what would happen to him? HAHAHAHA… I don’t even care what the situation in real life is but it was so dramatic if you think about it.

Later in the day, Gau made me a big jar a pineapple juice. I was feeling dead sleepy but he woke me up for the drink. I cleared off the rest of my work and Gau caught the final match of basketball in Olympics, USA won (Go Kobe! Go Lebron!) and that ended my weekend nicely at 12PM.

I would spend my next weekend in Kuching.YAY! Excited! That also means i’ve gotta clear as much stuff as possible at work this week.



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