guava & constipation

When i was young, my parents always told me guava caused constipation and hence controlled my intake over it. It seemed like not only my parents believed in that myth, everyone in VN did.

When I was in Singapore, i noticed otherwise. Guava cures my constipation. So for the longest time, i thought i was just me (similar like the silly me who thinks it would rain whenever i wash my hair LOL).

Few years ago, when i was working in MBS, ZL (an ex-colleague of mine) would have guava after every lunch. I asked Why? and she said: so i can shit. I was like: No, i thought guava makes you unable to shit? And she was like: Hello??! What are you talking about?

So my belief was shaken. I googled and the results coming out changed my mind: guava doesn’t cause constipation, it cures constipation. So it’s not just me, it’s a guava thing.

But then i was thinking what everyone in VN told me, why had they said guava cause constipation? I asked my Mom again and she said there’s something in the seed that would accumulate (if you eat too much) and gradually develop constipation.

Seems vague but I just took the explanation. Till today, even Gau repeated exactly the same thing of what my Mom told me. So i thought this is really a thought that VNese people have. (No discrimination intended, it’s just coincidence i guess).

The other day, I stumbled upon a post on Facebook and it seemed like my parents and relatives and Gau were not the only one in VN who believed that guava causes constipation.


Guys, again, guava really cures constipation. Even if you’re not having constipation, it would help you shit easier and faster. Excuse my language, i’m just trying to speak in layman’s terms.

Just do a simple search on Google. Sources are not reliable but it couldn’t be wrong if there are so many different sources having one conclusion right?

Well, I’m not saying my parents and my relatives are wrong or trying to give me wrong guidance. I would classify this as "myth" which can be right or wrong as it has been communicated and circulated almost verbally.

When knowledge is easily accessible nowadays, do your research and debunk the myth for your own sake.

You can argue with me that guava causes constipation for you. I don’t care! It cures my constipation and has always been doing a good job for me. LOL!

guava & constipation

11 thoughts on “guava & constipation

  1. José Ignacio Gori B. says:

    It’s not just everybody in VN that believes that Guavas cause constipation, I’m from Venezuela and everybody that I know there has the exact same belief and, not only that, it is also used as a widely recommended natural approach to treat diarrhea.

  2. zestylifeofguma says:

    Now this is very interesting Jenny. Why? I come from South Africa, Eastern Cape side and I grew up being told that too many guavas do cause constipation! I grew up believing this as well. YHO!

  3. Isabel Porto says:

    I am from Colombia, and most of my relatives believe that guava causes constipation too. So it is not only a Vietnamese belief.

  4. anusha says:

    jeane, I am from india and we have habit of using traditional methods including Ayurveda for diseases. Guava cures constipation but its seeds should not be chewed, they should be swallowed. The seeds must go inside as it is. Thus your VN relatives are partly right, the seeds in guava if chewed arises constipation.

  5. Diane says:

    I am from Hawaii, and I was told by my mother that eating too many guavas would cause constipation. Growing up in Hawaii, we would never be hungry because there were fresh guava everywhere. I guess too much of anything can be problematic.

  6. trintts says:

    I’m African and dont remember any of my toddler years, but I do remember my post guava-fest constipation. I must have been no more than 3 yrs old, and that is the only “event” I remember when mom had to “dig-in”…now I’m 36 and still approach guavas with some trepidation 🙂 even though I know about their relief properties.

  7. Simisha Pather says:

    I am from South Africa, I have the Mexican white guava variety growing in my garden, and this year has been a bumper harvest. I have tried to keep up , I have been adding it to my smoothie mix but the seeds are too hard and dont break and so now I am constipated. I will have to sieve them out first.

  8. H. T. says:

    I believe it is the seeds of the guava that cannot be easily digestible or digested that is causing constipation. When I was younger, we grew guava trees and the fruits were much smaller, so we ate everything including the seeds. Now I can buy bigger ones from Thailand and Taiwan from the supermarket. I have always been removing the seeds from these big guavas and still have thick flesh left… Always remove and throw away the seeds of the guava. Don’t eat the seeds, and chew the flesh well before swallowing it.

  9. I’m here sitting on my throne and wondered why the back log since yesterday… i can attest (twice so far) that if you grind the seeds as i did in making a beet guava smoothie, you will frustratingly find that chewing the seeds will lead to block City… and we’re not talking Legos here people… i learned to hard way what all the ancestors and peeps have been warning… do NOT chew (grind) the seeds!!!

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