plant project (with my parents)

As you know, I’m doing a plant project for myself.

My parents know about this and the other day I shared with them the growth progress of the green chili. I also told them i’d like to plant a papaya ‘tree’ (- just because i’ve been eating a lot of papaya to help my constipation recently, therefore i have a lot of papaya seeds to try LOL).

Here’s how the conversation goes.

It’s so funny that my Mom takes my planting thing so seriously (or is it because i’m serious when talking to her about it? lol) and my Dad is, on the other hand, making fun out of it (LOL). When Mom was in Singapore, she even told us (me and Gau) on her finding about plants with flowers and plants without flowers. It’s so interesting to learn that.

Okay, i got distracted with something else. Gotta go for lunch now.

plant project (with my parents)

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