i’m back

Back from a 4-day holiday. Some updates maybe?

– Back to work with slight blues. Everything is still in shape. Phew. Bought the boss some sweets and he likes those. He asked: Did you try it? Me: Erm no haven’t. He continued: And you let me try first. Very nice. LOL
– I love English accent. I think i’ve just become a fan of my client because of his voice. I could listen to him talk the whole day. (Keyword here is "talk")
– Started my diet today with cereal and nuts. Don’t know if it works. Let’s see.
– Gau got the ankle pain back. Sigh… Need to check out on him this evening.
– ASOS seems to fail delivering my package. Disappointed.
– Haven’t got my plan for GSS crafted. Ah, i’m procrastinating.
– I feel like I don’t know you anymore. You are now full of craps. The kind of craps that I refuse to take, even just for a laugh.
– Love pinterest. It’s been saving me from spending money online.
– Don’t feel like hanging out with the girls tonight
– Love Gau.
– Miss my Mom and Dad.

i’m back

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