the hair i ever wanted

I don’t know why i haven’t shown off my new highlighted hair on my blog.

With further ado, here it is. TADAH!

Inline image 1

It all starts with my desire to have Pink hair (here). So it just happened that we traveled to Kuching (Malaysia) the other week where it is known for cheap haircut and all hair-related matters. I’ve been talking to Gau about this, showing him samples and stuff like that, assuring him i won’t turn out to be creepy or ah-lian-like (ah lian is gangster-like). He says:okay, that’ s fine. I think it wont cause more than $30 there. I was super happy with the thought i’m gonna have nice pinkish hair without poking a big hole in my pocket.

Here came the first day in Kuching.

It was a Saturday and we were just wandering around the city without any destination in mind. I suggest to check out some hair salons and if possible, have my hair done already since all shops might be closing for next day (Sunday) and the following day (a Malaysia’s public holiday). It seemed to me that there were only a few salons in town, some were closed, some opened and packed. We walked in to 3 salons to check out the price and they all quoted me an above $70 rate. There was one guy saying i needed to bleach my hair in order to get the Pink color visible, which freaks me out. Okay, I know it’s a normal process but i was just hesitant on the idea of having my hair bleach, even it was just for 3 streaks. So I was literally upset as i have already set the expected rate at $30 (according to my dear Gau) and prepared myself to get a hair makeover.

Finally, we walked in to this hairdresser’s where there were 3 hair stylists – all guys. I asked for Pink color, they said: we don’t have Pink color. Care to try other color? Me: like what? One guy: like Red? Well, the thought of a bright red streak dawns on me and i thought it was not a bad idea. Moreover, i don’t need to bleach my hair. Unfortunately, there was a long queue at that moment and Gau was so indecisive about whether he wanted a haircut or not. So we decided to drop the whole hair thing.

I walked back to my hotel, settling my hair with the thought i’m gonna maintaining my black hair till further notice.

The next day, after checking out some sightseeing and having no plan next, Gau suggested coming back to that salon to have a haircut (finally after a day of much consideration, he decided to have a haircut lol!). I said ok, thinking to myself i was just gonna accompanying him.

When we were back to the salon, there was no queue at all. Gau asked for a haircut and when i was just standing aside looking around, one hair stylist asked: so, you want to highlight your hair? I asked for the price again, checked the color, bugged him with a lot of questions i could think of and finally, ok let’s do it!.

After 1 hour in the salon, i walked out with my subtle red highlighted hair. I’m having 2 streaks on the left and 1 streak on the right. If i keep my hair down and untied, the red highlights are nowhere to be noticed, they are all hidden inside so that’s safe for work. If i’d like to shown them off, i can always tie up my hair and do the braid (as shown above), the highlights will come out upfront. It’s really versatile and i’m totally loving it.

When i came back to office, no one noticed any difference with my hair. However, when i braided it up and showed it to one colleague, he said: NICE!!! and he’s the one helping me take the picture above.

Now in case you are interested, it’s RM60 (about $23) – I wouldn’t say it’s cheap though comparing to DIY which i think i can really do it at home. But it’s a nice try and i love it, love it, love it.

the hair i ever wanted

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