Being extremely early for work today. The funny thing that happens at work is I’m always early on the days my boss is not around and always late otherwise. I was about 20 mins late yesterday and got a text ‘Hi Jenny, are you okay?’. Paiseh and stressed. LOL

Oh well, no one appreciates my punctuality today.

I find it pretty annoying, at the same time funny with those who can flip their mood and emotion in like 1 second.

There was this guy who pinpointed to me about some stupid things, which got me really pissed at him. Not only that, he mentioned something which can imply that he was excluded because of me. So i was like: HEY???! What are you talking about? I’m just doing what i’m supposed to do and that’s it. I got super angry and annoyed for the whole day. The next day, my annoyance was still there and I got out of my house with a mentality that I’m gonna flip this whole world to declare a war with you. Funnily enough, he turned out to be damn nice to me on that day. And today. Even asking for my thoughts on something he’s working on.

Huh?! People can flip their emotions in a blink like that yea? And you don’t need to care for others’ emotions ah?

Okay, whatever, just a random rant mid-week.

Feeling a stomachache now. Damn.


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