first and last Dorra Slimming experience.

So this post is dedicated to the Dorra Slimming (Singapore). Here’s my review based on my experience with Dorra at Takashimaya outlet.

A while ago, I saw a steal deal on saying Dorra is giving away FREE voucher to try their 90-minute slimming treatment to celebrate their 1st Anniversary Launch in Singapore. Although I have no issue with my current body, but since it was FREE, I was like: Why not? Yes, blame me and my kiasu-ness.

This is how the voucher looks like: 100% off Dorra’s 1st Anniversary Launch in Singapore – FREE One Session of 90-Min Tummy, Hip or Thigh Slimming Treatment (Receive a $100 Treatment Voucher Upon Redemption)

Key things to note from the title:
1.100% off the treatment, that means FREE, $0
2. 90-min tummy, hip or thigh slimming treatment – meaning the duration i will have to sit through the treatment is 90 mins.
3. $100 treatment voucher upon redemption – meaning i will get a $100 voucher when i redeem this FREE voucher.

Now, let’s read the T&C:
– 90-min treatment includes consultation and treatment – Not a 90-min purely treatment huh? Okay, this is fine cos I didn’t really expect much from a free lunch
– $100 Treatment voucher is only redeemable after consultation and slimming treatment – meaning after i sit through 90 minutes of consultation and treatment, i will get a $100 treatment voucher.

Okay, so that’s all about the paper. Everyone told me i’m gonna experience the hard-selling thing so i’m kinda prepared of what i would need to go though.
So now, this is the real deal.

I came to Dorra on one of the Saturdays. The salon was empty (because it was still early in the morning i think) and was greeted by 2 girls. I told them i have an appointment with Agnes (who called me and booked me an appointment) and i was told to wait at the sofa. I was later ushered to a closed room for form filling of my personal particulars. Vicki was introduced to me and she took me to another room for weigh and height measuring. We then came back to the first room.

She started asking me questions regarding my lifestyle, my sizes, eating pattern and work schedule etc. Understand this is her job to get to know my personal lifestyle to give me an appropriate advice, however the way she asked me was literally annoying and disturbing.

V: Wah, you’re so fair. Are you a Singaporean?
M: No, Vietnamese?
V: Vietnanese ah? But you’re so fair?
M: *smile
V: I thought you’re Chinese?

First, she cannot pronounce Vietnamese properly. What’s with VIETNANese???!
Second, how should i understand her assumption about my nationality and my skin tone? Vietnamese must be dark or only Chinese can be fair? That’s slightly offended me.

V: What time you have breakfast?
M: 8 or 9AM, when i come to office
V: What time you have lunch?
M: From 12-2PM
V: What time you have dinner?
M: About 8-9PM
V: Wah, very late dinner
M: That’s when i knock off from work
V: You work until so late? It’s shopping time le

First, from the breakfast time, she could have already known I start work from 8-9, that means i will end work at around 6-7. Given the fact that we are working in Singapore, the most-stressful workplace in the world, it’s not uncommon to OT for 1 or 2 extra hours. However, never mind that because I have already explained to her "that’s when i knock off from work". Why does she have to stress that it’s "shopping time"? Does she have low EQ or what? If people can get out of work early an spend every evenings shopping, they won’t have any tummy or fatty problem that they have to go to Dorra slimming yea? And it was purely annoying when she acts as if i was the only person in this Singapore who works until that hour. Let me tell you my dear, I have to thank goodness that i end work at 7 everyday okay. If I told you i used to work from 10 – 10, sometimes 1, 2AM everyday, will your eyeballs burst?

V: What’s your bottom size?
M: L
V: L?
M: Well, i’m not sure. Mostly L, but i guess it depends on the brand. I wear S and M for some other brands as well. (Example: I’m wearing S for Cotton On, M for Esprit and L for Fox)
V: But what size you wear?
M: …
V: What’s your top size?
M: M
V: M?
M: Depends on the brand too. I do wear size S, L, XL as well.
*Getting frustrated.
M: I really cannot tell you one definite size that I wear cos obviously i wear what it fits me and different brands come out with different measurements.
V: So you wear L when you want to be comfortable?
*Is she like an idiot?
M: *i just want to end this conversation. YEA!

Okay, here’s my take. Asking for the size is only for reference i think. Everyone knows clothing sizes are not standard. Similarly like shoes size, there are different measurements between US, UK, Asia and EU. When I buy a top or a bottom, sizes doesn’t matter to me that much since if I’m buying from a shop, I can try on to see if it fits. If i’m buying online, I will look at specific measurements. So why does a size should be of my concern? And as a consultant, you should be able to guess from my body. I’m not saying you have to assume but you can Guess and confirm with me.

V: What do you want to do treatment on
M: My thighs
V: Why?
*Need to ask meh?
M: Well, I think they can be smaller
V: When did you start having big thighs?
*Thinking, all awhile i’m like this. Never get fatter or smaller…
M: Since young, when I was born
V: Like 2 years ago?
*What the fuck? Does she mean i was only born 2 years ago?
M: No, since i was born
V: 5 years ago?
*I was fully persuaded i’m talking to an idiot so gave up

5. She explained to me about the fat molecules, all elements in my body then she asked me.
V: What do you think the heaviest?
M: Muscles
V: What do you think the lightest?
M: Water
V: Erm…
*my answer didn’t match her script lol
V: You like soupie right, you always take fish soup
M: That’s right
V: What do you usually see on top of the fish soup?
M: Fish and water *Duh?!
V: Oh no, i mean … what about Chicken soup?
M: Chicken and soup?

V: Erm… do you see the fat bubbles floating? *Now, enforcing an answer LOL
M: Yea
V: So that’s the fat the lightest.

Okay, excuse me. What kind of fat are you talking about now. If it’s the bubble fat, I agree it’s light and floats on top of the soup. However, bear in mind, the yellow chicken fat that you can always find under the chicken skin or within the muscles it not floating on the surface. Yea?

What are you trying to sell to me?

And the rest of the consultation was just purely a torture. She lectured me and whenever i replied to something that’s not written in her script, she ignored my answer and went on and on with her presentation. I don’t need to be in this line or to go to other slimming centre to conclude that Vicki is an inexperienced consultation. There was not much she could help me with but annoying me with her inconsiderate tones.

She then asked me to take off my clothes for her to take pictures. I was super hesitant but she promised no-face and the pictures are only used for treatment purpose, i agreed. She printed out my pictures and explained to me that ALL MY CELLS ARE ALREADY SPOILT, that’s why i have cellulite and fats. She urged me: YOU’RE ONLY 24 AND YOU HAVE ALREADY BEEN LIKE THIS. IT’S VERY DANGEROUS YOU KNOW DA DA DA DA. Can I just slap you? My bones are not wrapped by my skins and i know i have fats here and there. Is that happening with everyone else who is working and have little exercising? Why do you make it like it’s already the end of the world while i have some fats on my waist? Like seriously. And who are you to say my cells are already spoiled? Doctor – no. Dermatologist – no. Nutritionist – no. You are just simple a girl working in a beauty salon with no medical background and although you might have, I doubt it’s professionally-verified. So again, who are you to tell my my cells are spoilt? Try to bullshit others maybe?

The consultation was 60 minutes and i was both annoyed and sleepy. I couldn’t bother to hold myself together to listen to all her craps. There was countless time i felt like standing up and just walked out.

Finally, she talked to me about the package and it’s only 30 mins. *Yawn, disappointed, what’s new?. Now that she said the treatment contains only the hammer machine thing and whatever shit. Forgive me because i was one-legged in my dream already so i can’t remember what she was telling me then. And she said: give us a chance to apply the booster on you, you will see the immediate effect etc and etc. Basically the booster is like $300 and each treatment is from $250-350. She said i need 3 treatments, so it’s about 1k-2k. (Ok, you do the maths yea). Although i was half-day dreaming, i know what i was going and kept saying No all the way till i was ushered to the treatment room.

The moment i lied down, Vicki immediately asked me: So what, what are you thinking?
I thought she was just asking what was on my head, i replied: Nothing
V: Then why don’t you want to buy the package
M: I’ll think about it (*i still have a little courtesy left for her)
V: What do you need to think about?
M: I’ll consider if it’s worth my money da da da da (*try to bullshit)
V: It’s very effective you try first and you’ll know
M: I try means i have to fork out the money already right? That’s why i need to think about.
V: What do you need to think about? (DUH??!)
M: Vicki, it’s very simple and common sense. It’s like shopping, even before you spend your money to buy a shirt, you will need to think if you will nee the shirt, if the shirt fits you and if the price is worth buying. Same for your package, and we are talking about a big bulk of money, 1-2k, obviously i need to think about it.
V: But you have a problem and you need to fix it.
M: I have no problem. Because your voucher is free, that’s why i want to try. People give me a free shirt, even i don’t need but it’s free, so why not?
V: This is your problem because of … da da da… *going on again about the fats, water retention and whatever shits.
M: I’ll think about it *too tired to repeat what i have just said to her.

That was when she finished the treatment for one leg, she stopped and got closer to me asking me: SO WHAT DO YOU NEED TO THINK ABOUT?
OMFG … I apologized to myself for letting myself going through this crap. I simply answered: So are you going to finish the treatment for the other leg for me? She said: Ok ok, let me take more gel first because i thought you will use the booster (worth $300) that’s why i didn’t take enough gel. Right, why suddenly you know how to assume now?

I managed to drive the conversation after that, asking her about her personal stuff and for that, she couldn’t interrupt me about What do you need to think about again. The whole treatment was just about 20 mins and Vicki took picture after the treatment. When we were back to the consultation room again, she showed me both before and after pictures and asked me if i have seen the difference. Seriously, no difference at all. I only see my legs after treatment shinier and a little bit toner probably due to the hammer machine thing. I said: not much difference. She raised her voice at me: WAH, Why don’t you see the difference? It’s smaller here and here and here. I was too fed up so i was like: yea, whatever. She then went on again about the package, persuaded me to buy or deposit, saying i will get a lot of promos and discounts that day as it was my first day to the salon. I said: Hey, i will think about it. If I want to buy, i will buy, i dont mind the money thing. I call you next week or you call me next week to follow up okay? It seems like my answer wasn’t expected again, she said: But most people have concern about the prices, that’s why we give you many discounts and promos on the first day. Truly a stewpid person she is.

Anyways, I managed to cut the craps short by saying: My friend’s coming to fetch me up, I’m having 10 mins left. She then rushed out writing my treatment card and there’s another girl entering the room called Grace. She brought a catalogue and tried to hard-sell to me again. I put him off with the same friend-coming reason and I just liberally stood up and walked out of the room. They then handed me a card from Gina – branch manager and asked me to call her. I was like: Okay, whatever, thanks for today, bye! and left and that’s it.

The moment i walked out of the salon i felt like i can breathe again.

So, that is the worst experience i have with a slimming salon. My friends are saying others like London Weight Management can be worse and that was so much enough. I don’t need any slimming treatment and will never go to one even if it’s free.

Unsurprisingly, I was not the only one who have bad experience with Dorra.
Check out these blogs too:
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So, my conclusion is: DON’T EVER COME TO DORRA. You get another but annoyance and anger. The staff is inexperienced, inconsiderate and rude. The service is not working/effective at all. There’s literally no reason to get a treatment there unless you are stupid and you are cheated.


By the way, I’d like to introduce Musee – a Japanese salon who offers IPL service and stuff. That’s a definition of a good one. Bought a hair removal deal with them and their service has been good so far. My first time i was there, they asked me whether i will be interested in other package but once i said No, they didn’t ever ask again. The staff is so much more friendly and professional. Highly recommended Musee.

first and last Dorra Slimming experience.

45 thoughts on “first and last Dorra Slimming experience.

    1. Jane says:

      I would like to know what can we do and through which channel to terminate the package and get refund from Dora.

      Please share your experience.

      1. Jenny says:

        I got my session free so i have no experience in asking for refund and such. I guess you can form a community or create a Facebook page and shoot your complaints there? I will surely join you guys.

  1. Kimberly says:

    Hi, saw your review abt dorra, i receive a call frm them asking me to come tmr morning for the consulting and 90 body slimming tmt. But i was still mind ficking whether to go or not after seeing their bad review. Anyone been to kovan (Heartland mall) before? Is the dorra the dorra 5th opening in Plaza singapura same? Urgent. Thank you!

    1. Jenny says:

      Hi Kim, if the session is free and you think you can put up with all the pestering bullshit that you potentially have to go through, go and try.
      If not, don’t bother. It’s gonna be irritating to the maximum.

      1. Kimberly says:

        Omg, i can’t stand it especially hard sell type. Plus my concern is only flabby tummy. I was about to go tomorrow but wanna see the review. End up review was so bad.

  2. Renesmee says:

    Hi, i have the same experience here. Cant remember when was the exact date i signed up for their package, around Mar 2012? I dont want to mention location here, as i ever comment somewhere about Dorra and the consultant ended up ask me if i was the one wrote the comment (Shit**, they caught me).

    My last visit to Dorra was Jul 2012, i didn’t finish my session and i really don’t feel like going. Not that i want to waste that sum of money or what, but every time i think of Dorra it made me feel stupid, weak, guilt and all. I received their call last week asking me when i want to continue the treatment, so i decided to visit them yesterday (25th Apr). What a relief for me at first that all the consultant in the Dorra branch is now changed. (Previously i signed with Carmen) But my relief was not for long, which i will tell later.

    They took my weight and asked me to change my outfit (like always) before session. When i was in the treatment room with the consultant, 2 other consultants joined in. I didn’t feel good about this (not that the look of my buttock is something i proud of and for everyone to see), but i managed to keep my nerve. Then they started to make conversation with me tell me how pretty i am (ya..right), I tried to show them that i was not interested, but they kept on blah blah blah on why i didn’t come for so long, what i’m doing, where i stay and all (you get what i mean..).

    During the session, the other consultant can just anyhow open the door without knocking. I was pissed off i even asked them how comes their consultant can just opened the door like that? The pregnant consultant told me that its ok because they didn’t see my face.. (what..?!).. After 15 mins or so with their non stop mumbling on their new products, i asked them politely that if it’s OK if they explain to me about the product later after the session as i just want to have a relax and peaceful treatment here?. Guess how they answer me “Oh, our customer like to chit chat with us, that’s why we chat with you.” (Hell, no.. they just don’t know how to ask you to shut up). After that session, i was asked to go Room 3 so i did.

    2 consultants joined me in the room 3. The pregnant consultant was “soooo” generous as she willing to upgrade my package with better version of treatment. I was polite enough to tell her no. Before she could tell me on the package price, she asked me if i am credit card or POSB card holder? I asked her why dont we talk straight to the price instead of asking what card i owned? She said some of the bank in SG have so-called promotion with them. (Hm.. OK). She explained that she willing to exchange the treatment session that i still left and combine with the new package that she would like offer me, cost $4400. Again i said No. She said i need to love myself more and need to take care of my body so that i can dress nicely. I said i love myself more than anything. She didnt take No as answer, but continued to explain on how the fat and my buttock will look like in coming years. I was so pissed off that i told her i was regret back then when i signed up the package, i asked her to not wasting time to explain all this nonsense to me. She then asked the other consultant girl to shut the door which was wide open before. She said she is OK if i want to reduce the package session into half and asked me what is my budget. I told her this is not about budget. (Somebody really need to know what is cost and worth means).. Again about 10 mins or so on why i should love myself more, i said i want to go as i have something else to do and i will decide again (NO WAY) when i have done all my current session.

    Finally she let me go. (Fuhhhhh).

    I really hope if you read this and decided to give Dorra a try, save yourself before its too late. I will try to get refund for my remaining session which she did mentioned about $700 left. Also, if your consultant is Carmen, she is even worst that this pregger, pretty in person but totally nightmare.

    1. zelda says:

      i know exactly which branch that was! and you’re right! they’re so bad they’ll enclose you in the treatment room and have 3-4 of them bombard you with packages to sign. it’s so bad that i don’t even want my money back and i don’t even wanna go back there again (i have 90% of the treatment left)! scary place. for those who’ve yet been there, don’t even step in. it’s hell on earth. serious. i totally regretted even stepping into it and i’m far from overweight…well, if you wanna have people telling u problems which aren’t really problems at all, and totally make you feel like your body is s**t…then u can try.

  3. Saras says:

    Thanks everyone for all the feed back. I got 2 free sessions from a radio show Gold 90FM and though I knew these are all hard-sell tactics I thought for once maybe Dorra was different. How naïve I was! Anyway just in time I managed to read your comments and cancelled my first free session today at 1230pm. I have a positive self-image, I am a youthful 55, and enjoy a healthy active life with food friends and family; I certainly don’t need shallow-minded beauty “consultants” pointing out my imperfections and flaws and making me feel I need to sign up for one of their so-called miracle treatments in order to feel attractive.

  4. Saras says:

    The only reason I tried for the contest was that the treatments were purportedly “free”. So when something is free with hopefully no strings attached, who wouldn’t want it? I was just hoping to enjoy it but with no intention of signing up..however after reading the comments, I am not even going for the first session. Call me a coward; all I can say is I’m adventurous up to a point but not stupid.

  5. You wanna lose weight? Bloody hell exercise 4 times a week for 30 mins to an hour each. Do cardio and strenght training.

    Watch episodes of Biggest Loser on youtube for inspiration.

    90 days of eating right and regular cardio will allow you to lose about 30-50kg.

    Don’t be lazy and go slimming centres.

    1. Saras says:

      Thanks for the advice. With a BMI of 22 I am actually not really obese. But because the treatment was supposedly ” free” I thought why not? I would be happier with about 5 kg less of weight. I do go to the gym and do all that so I am fine.

  6. cindi leong says:

    I wish I read the above blogs before I got cheated at Dorra. All I will say is that it’s an expensive lesson learned from my visit there on 19 June 2013 (free treatment from Gold FM ) and I will do my best to dispute the transaction and get my money back. I am usually pretty savvy about pushing off these hard sell shallow consultants however a moment of weakness I fell prey to trying their ‘magic’ laser products/machine for cellulite – Outrageous the manager at Plaza Sing Gina Siew only has 2 years experience and previously did facials so whilst she used the machine on me it was a terrible experience as I felt she was ill-trained and took shortcuts ie LAZY. she was more concerned about taking photos Before and After (both in different rooms and under different lighting; they really think we are
    stupid) She was even rude when she could see I was clearly getting angry. Never never again.

    1. Saras says:

      Oh dear..what do you mean ” expensive” ? What did you pay and for what? After I cancelled my apt and gave reasons why, they had the nerve to still call me a week later to try lure me back. I gave the staff member named Noor truthful reasons why I was changing my mind – the flood of negative publicity Dorra has been getting!

  7. Lily says:

    Ladies, glad that most of u cancelled ur appt with them. I am one of those who hv signed up. Went to Case for help but to no avail cause on the paper did state Non-refundable. Don’t know what to do now. If I don’t go i will loose $4k++, if I do go I hv to “see” their bloody faces… Sigh….

  8. Zoe says:

    Hi Ladies,
    Don’t go to Dorra Slimming as they are completely false & don’t know what they are talking about. I had gone to a 1 slimming centre in Orchard with Groupon and boy it was good and I came out losing a few inches for almost a month.

    At Dorra, I called as I saw an ad in Today’s paper. I was grilled for almost 3 hours as I had to explain many things to them. I kept asking what is my treatment as promised. They took inside the treatment room and continued with their nonsense. I have chadromalacia patella and it was aching.

    Finally I succumbed to $400 deal as I was exhausted. They did not do aspromised and even cut back all the promises. I had 5 wraps so far and 2 bye bye fat and my weight has increased.
    I wanted to go to CASE but because of my medical condition dropped it.I wish I had donated the $400 to a charitable organization.

    They are definately incompetent and have no understanding and I am never calling nor going in any slimming centres.I have never caved in but in this case it was gruelling, long and tormenting.

  9. Kena Conned says:

    No, that’s not true. I had a bad experience in Penang branch. Me, my sis & my niece went to 1st Avenue branch in Penang. Initially we were told it will only take 2 hours in total with all the craps that they are trying to con you. in the end it took about 4 hours. Even though 3 of us registered together but priority was given to those regular that already signed their package. Service is bad and people are not friendly even inclusive the branch manager. We took the RM18 package which suppose to come with some free samples but in the end also never give us anything and all of us left unhappy. The total treatment is less than an hour. I wanted to complain through Dorra website about their in-honesty but somehow I can’t get through that. How do you expect me to sign your package when your first experience is already so bad.

  10. Arianna Rose says:

    Jenny, I experience once at Malaysia branch. I think just same here. I cant stop laughing reading your entry, so funny and really make my day because I go through almost exactly like way for me to come back eventhough I already sign up for 7 visit (500). The second visit I came they asked me to add more money..what the…??!!!…and yes they’re no manner n easy to forced of them told me that she came to work by train because she want to save budget..waaa…so they like n happy to ask people to throw out the money but they want to save their budget..huh what kind of experience…lol

  11. Lene says:

    I just had my free trial at Dorra Plaza Sing today 23/01/14. It was a terrible way of selling their product and service.. It’s like I’m being interrogated of my diet and many other things. The explanation was so boring. The therapist ? I don’t really know how to call them even said frankly in frong of my face that my body is sooo terrible. I said ” Yes! My body is so terrible” you said that to me for so many times right?the same thing, the person asked me to remove my clothes in one office without putting on the robe. Even if I am a mother of 2, I am still not comfortable with that. Take picture of the bulging parts before and after the treatment. Telling me that there’s already a difference but I cannot see any.. They could be good in their products but their way is not at my standard of service.. I am actually a customer in London Weight Management and I can say that LWM is still way up better than Dorra… Sorry to say.

    1. Lynn says:

      Hi Lene…juz to share with u about this Dorra Slimming issue. Actually i juz went to their plc earlier today for the “$600 free voucher” that i was entitled to. The radio channel was advertising it. And i decided to give it a try. They were really persuasive about wanting me to sign up with their slimming package plans. But i was really half-hearted all the while she was explaining to me about the package details. After the 1 hour plus consultation…i told them that i don’t wish to sign up for the expensive package that was offered to me. But she was still persistent. In the end…i did not have the “free treatment” at all. And she still insisted that i could sign up for the “Bye Bye Fat” package which cost $300 plus. Luckily i did not bring my credit card along with me. As she had actually gave me the idea of paying using my credit card by instalments! In the end…after she had felt tired persuading me, she cut the price by telling me that i could pay her $160 plus first & make another payment of $160 plus on another appointment!

  12. Hylia says:

    hi all, is it the standard procedure that all slimming center will take our photo? I just went Dorra for trial session. The consultant asked me wear the small panties to take photo. She promise me only take the part that do treatment, thigh. But in pc, i saw is half body. From bra till knee. She said dorra is 20 yrs company, n the photo is confidential, but she also show me some photo from other customer in pc, all have customer personal info. I worry that she also will show others our photo.
    Sorry that this is my first slimming center. I went new york skin before, same pattern so i thought all facial, slimming center will take photo.
    I am a bit worry.

  13. Lady Lim says:

    Poor Girls…. Be brave yourself and beware of those practises in beauty industry!

    Me myself have an experiance with Dorra Slimming of Woodlands as I have just completed a 30 sessions with them, spent about nearly S$8K+ (half sponsered by my dear hubby!).
    The good thing was I managed to lost about 11kg (from 58kg –> 46kg now), in combination of their body treatment (Bye Bye Fat), diet (1800kcal/ day) and exercise (swimming- twice/week) and decided not to continue their maintanance package as I have achieved my ideal weight.

    The moral of the story is we girl need to feel the pitch only can be determined in loosing our bulgy tummy! Act now + act fast (within your means) for a sexy new you;-)

    We deserve to be slim = beauty!

  14. Sng says:

    I should have read your blog before going for my free session today. I got this free session via by filling up a survey.

    I was in a room with TWO consultants, which make it even more intimidating. They asked if I had any cards so that they can check if there are any discounts if I were to get the package. Then told me to sign their first-timer package even before I started my trial session. Told them I’d like to try first but they said we will promise results because they trust their machines. All these while, I kept saying no but my card was still with them and I wasn’t brought to the treatment room.

    Even after saying I’m only working one day a week and the package is way out of my budget, they didn’t let it go. Said I know I want it, but money is an issue. I can always get my parents to pay first. (!!!!)

    Ended up paying for this session. ): Now I feel so stupid for this. And guilty for agreeing to sign for the package. So guilty that I came back to google them again. After seeing all these reviews, I don’t think I’ll visit them for the second session.

  15. Stephenie says:

    Went to Dorra Plaze Sing last weekend for consultation and trial; result of their bye bye fat treatment is not bad, at least I can experianced few a kg drop. Contrary to most of the commenrs here, my slimming consultant is not as scary as a dracula craving for my sales! she is at least courteous and not pushy. However, I hv my budget issue and cannot afford for a long term slimming package at this junction; so I told her that i will come back in future if I hv extra $$$.

    Ciao ciao girls… say no to hardsell ya:-)

  16. kiki says:

    only can comment are
    u must have the lower part problem,if not even is the free treatment u also dun wan go for try..lolz
    take the time and then just for a try?u must wan solve ur problem so u decide go lar…and the therapist recommend the suitable treatment for u if u didnt sign up the package then u only do the voucher treatment only,so how can u see the best result?mostly the voucher treatment are the detox treatment only, because only the detox treatment are suitable for everyone..if the company give u the top and expensive treatment and without analysis ur body so u can make sure ur body suitable for the treatment meh?

  17. Paul says:

    Hey, don’t you people here know that what you are experiencing are exactly what others have gone through with London Weight Management? That’s because they are birds of the same feathers. Dorra Slimming is also owned by the same group who operates London Weight Management! By the way, they even pay bloggers to write FAKE positive reviews, although some are by their own people! So, be extremely careful. Visit them and your pockets will be burned real deep and your pounds of fat will still remain. They’ll tell you to blame yourself.
    When you see some weight loss during your first trial, beware that it’s your water loss through sweat with their hot wrap, and not your fat loss, as they claimed!
    The only most effective way in slimming is diet and exercise. Nothing else works!
    AMES Group of Companies from Singapore operates the following companies:
    London Weight Management Sdn Bhd and the Singapore branch
    New York Skin Sdn Bhd and the Singapore branch
    Dorra Slimming Sdn Bhd and the Singapore branch
    Shakura Pigmentation Sdn Bhd and the Singapore branch
    Yun Nam Hair Care Sdn Bhd and the Singapore branch
    Jonsson Protein Healthy Hair Growth Sdn Bhd
    Good luck!

  18. I went to Dorra slimming today. After the weighing session, the consultant ask me to take off my shirt and shorts and take my photo in order to show me the difference. May I ask IS IT NORMAL PROCEDURE? (she said she only capture body but not the face…I did believe…NOW thinking back…dono whether its truth or not)…. NOW seriously worry about it. Will them use for advertisement or show to the other?? I am so worry..Can anyone pls reply me?

  19. eruza says:

    Hi ladies, did u all manage to get back ur money? I signed the package n went twice but im regretting it..any way to stop the package?

  20. Tien says:

    I wished I had read this and did some research before wasting my 1 1/2 hrs at Dorra. I felt equally intimidated such that I could not wait to get home and google some reviews on Dorra. What you wrote almost summed up everything that I experienced at Dorra. Thought I could just give it a try cos 98.7fm asked to sms in to get a free trial. I hope more people are reading this and do not get cheated!

  21. Lse says:

    Ladies, please dont go to Dorra. I am also one of the victim. Extremely regret signing package with installment. Now no choice but just want to finished up the plan. The product they use is not effective, plus the treatment is very simple, not worth the money. can you imagine they dont even have toilet in their service centre. it is at dorra sunway malaysia.

  22. SmurfyDora says:

    Hi Ladies.. I rcvd a call from Dorra today.. Offered to go for their first trial. Yes, i hv bulky thighs n big butt.. So i am so eager to try it.. But after reading the reviews, i feel like to cancel my first trial appt with them next week.. Furthermore, i do not hv extra money to sign up for their super expensive packages.

  23. Keisya iris says:

    Visited dorra today(20 jan 17) @ WCC …such a bad nightmare…
    ladies out there…dont get hook by such sweet deal…nothing is for FREE…
    They keep pestering u to buy their tremendous package…& it is nt cheap anyway…

  24. King says:

    Worst service I experienced! I have a free treatment section but Ann Chan from plaza sing who call for remind me the appointment but she was informed by me for the cancellation. She’s just cut off my phone without saying anything else after I say I would like just cancel without change the time now. I’m gonna to say I will call back again for arrange the appointment but she’s just cut off the phone without saying anything! Is rude! This kind of person how can be a front line?! I get the free treatment so? So I’m not a client can b treated nicely?! Luckily I didn’t go! Otherwise I don’t know am I going to be forced sign any package under knife or not!

  25. Hana Kim says:

    Wohoo!! Wow! From 2012 till 2017! I read through all entries until about 2014, and scrolled down to see which year is the latest. Is this page still active? Today, as a current customer of Dorra, I felt most annoyed lol lol. I am thinking of dropping my consultant a long text soon, because I know she and her colleagues do work like a syndicate lol lol! Cannot wait to see if this is still active, and I will start blabbering my story! I am thinking if there’s a top/higher person, like the boss or owner of Dorra I could feedback too. To let them know the quality of its employees.

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