Here at office, with everyone.

I have ever stayed until 10PM here few weeks ago to rush something out for a client’s presentation. It was totally worth it and the next day, all we got were compliments and compliments. Via emails and via text messages. The highest level of motivation boosting i myself have ever got.

But it was not today.

I’m supposed to clear some stuff on my plate but my mind has just stopped working. After 11 hours working straight, i should let my brain rest for a while. I’m now just waiting for my colleague to finish some stuff, check and off i’ll go home to … continue working. I’d like to look at the bright side of the business that we are full on operations and it’s a good thing that new projects are lining up. I can’t wait till the day someone (an ae) comes in and helps me handle the nitty-gritty stuff so that i can completely focus on account/project management and ideas building. I’m just so short-handed now that sometimes i got myself caught up in an overwhelming mess or things that are holding me back.

I want to go home to my Bear now.


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