homemade pizza

Gau decided to be very creative this weekend that he made a pizza. All the ingredients are available in the supermarket which includes: baked base, salmon, capsicum (chili pepper), cheese, tomato source, mushroom etc…

I have eaten too much last week. It was so weird that everyday i felt like eating western food and i would end up having pizza or pasta. As a result, i’m feeling like my waist line has been extended a little bit and now i don’t feel like eating anything to make it up. LOL.

I spent my Saturday doing the IPL, went to the post office to collect some stuff. Totally love the earrings and scarf that ASOS sent to me. And I collected my ukelele.

Saturday morning was horrible. I meant to run to several places to do several things, all in the morning so time was sensitive to me. As usual, i couldn’t get my direction sense work, therefore i need direction aid from the dear Maps on my iPhone. It turned out to be something ridiculous after i updated my iPhone to iOS6 and i couldn’t use it anymore. The Maps is so so sooooo unuser-friendly. OMG! What’s with all the colored blocks and no indication for busstops? I heard my friend complain about it and when i experienced it myself, i got super duper angry. The second thing is iOS6 ate up my battery like crazy. So i was struggling between getting my way and keeping my phone in low usage.

When i came to ORO redemption centre, it was 11:50am and i was told it would only be open at 12pm. So i was like: dang, now i need to wait. I wandered to the shops around and bought a double-charger for me and my sister, thinking to myself it was such a good thing to use as i always struggle between charging my iPhone and my iPod at office when i have only 1 cable. Right, I went down to ORO at 12.05pm and there was a damn long queue there. Everybody seemed to be collecting the ukelele too. I saw 2 men trying to cut the queue and thought "then why do i have to queue?". I managed to get a slot after that, alright it aint unfair if you try to claim cos i was the first one in the queue anyways. I checked my ukelele and requested for a change of 2,3 others. It seems like the coating was so carelessly-done and ……

Didn’t go out for exercise on the weekend.

Didn’t manage to finish this post. More or less, this was all about my weekend 😦

homemade pizza

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