i and Gau

I and Gau used to talk about separating when one needs to go overseas for further studies. Oftentimes, he is the one who is so concerned about the separation and i’m the one who’s so cool about it.

When it comes down to the real situation when he’s leaving to spend a weekend home, I have already missed him even before he boards the plane.

So this morning i hugged him before he left home with my morning face and sleepiness. He kept patting on my back saying that it’s gonna be real quick and I should be getting myself busy for the weekend. But the thought of coming back home without him itches. Talking to him at night is such a joy and that’s my all-time favourite pastime. I feel like a piece of my usual treatment is missing.

Sigh… What’s with all the drama here and what is it with all the people in love?

You and me, we are inseparable.

i and Gau

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