my favourite skin food lipstick

Allow me to introduce to you my favourite lip stick.

First, I’m not a lip person. That means i don’t use colour lip stick at all on a daily basis. At times, I do, especially on occasions like parting, attending dinner or just a random day that i suddenly feel like to (which is probably once a year).

My first lipstick i bought was from Nature Republic, shimmering coral which i really love. But i don’t use much.

The 2nd stick i got was my favourite one from Skin Food when i went to Hong Kong about 2 years ago. In fact this was an impulsive buy as it was really cheap. Gau didn’t entertain me at that moment so i just quickly picked the brightest color of all and paid for it. Honestly, i then felt guilty for not using it as often.

Recently i tried again and suddenly i realize it is really good. The texture is so fine and so moist that it makes my lips look fuller and smooth. The color doesn’t turn out to be my fav (LOL! – it’s still okay thought) and the not-so-good thing is it doesn’t last. I mean not lasting at all, unless you don’t eat or drink anything for the whole day. (Which helps actually because you can take a diet and look pretty at the same time).

To sum up, i think the it was a good buy anyways (although it was impulsive!) given that Skin Food products are usually pricey. I should be using it more often now 🙂

my favourite skin food lipstick

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