Sleepiness has just kicked in.

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My Dad called when i was on the phone with someone. Later he dropped me an email with my picture of me skating on weekend. Sigh… i know it.
It’s not that i don’t want to share to my parents. It’s because I know they will worry for me for whatever things i do. And my parents love exaggerating things, which can turn really annoying sometimes. It’s not that i’m going to die with anything i try to do.

Okay, see the difference of the conversations below:

Boss: Jenny, how was weekend?
Jenny: Good.
Boss: What did you do?
Jenny: I went to East Coast Park and skated with my friend
Boss: Oh sounds fun. Excellent.

*Imaginary conversation with my Dad
Dad: You okay? How’s weekend?
Jenny: Good
Dad: What did you do?
Jenny: I went to East Coast Park and skated with my friend
Dad: Hey don’t skate. Did you have all the protection gear? Did you wear helmet? That’s very dangerous. If you fall, you can break your arm or your leg. Then you cannot go to work, you need to stay at home for a few months …

So yea, i know my parents are concerned about me because they love me. But i would love it if you remind me to be careful but not threaten me with possible accidents that can happen. I guess this has something to do with Asian perspective and its just disturbing. It’s like instead of telling a kid "you should study because the society needs qualifications and education ensures you a good life", Asian parents tend to scare their kids with the opposite "if you don’t study, you will be forever poor. Everybody will look down on you. You are useless and your life is doomed".


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