the ring

No it’s not the rock yet (hopefully there will be one 🙂 )

Gau came back yesterday with a beautiful gift for me. It started out as this with Gau throwing his frustration at me LOL. The ring is way too lovely, it’s a little loose for my middle fingers but sits well on my index finger. So he told me: I know you like a ring with the bling-blings embedded around the ring (something like this, as opposed to this) so when i saw this, i wanted to buy it for you. I asked him if he had tried on the ring to see if it fits and he said: The girl sitting next to me (on the plane) bought it and she has fat hands, so i guess it should fit yours. LOL!!! Thanks very much baby for your analysis yea. I then said: hmm why do you speak to random girls? He replied: Eh, cos i wanted to check out the ring. They asked me if this was the first time i went to HCM so i was like err that’s my hometown. Obviously Gau doesn’t have that typical accent of a Vietnamese to others, although its very obvious to me.

Thanks for the lovely gift. It’s so beautiful that i can’t help looking at it *heart.

the ring

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