chili plant

Ah, i’m busy.

It’s the same old song repeated again and again.

I’ve been super motivated this period with (1) work, (2) gamification course, (3) rockatomtom project, (4) my own project and (5) blading.

So for (1) work. We are all packed up with new projects. I think i’ve been repeating this sentence for all the 3 months i’ve been here. LOL. But seriously, a lot of planning needs to be done. I’m just happy doing proposals. My boss is hiring an AE to share with me the workload. I interviewed some of the candidates but i’m still thinking about who i should proceed with. But it’s all fun. At least 1 very big project and 1 smaller have been launched, a few others are coming up next before Dec 2012. They are gonna wrap a good busy year of mine.

Speaking about year, why is this year passing this freaking fast? It’s scary.

For (2) gamification course, i’m 1 step away from the finishing line. Need to work on the final exam this week and that will be all. It’s been an incredibly awesome course. Loads of information, knowledge, application and examples mentioned. Prof. Kevin Werbach is awesome. I don’t know whether my total grade will pass the 70% line but i will cross my fingers and everything.

(3) Rockatomtom project. I and Wendy have been talking about this for weeks. We are inspired again, just now don’t know what to do now LOL. Talk about the right motivation in the right time at the right place. Anyway, I posted my first article "the tea bag issue" on yesterday. Please go check it out and support. My fellow Tom hasn’t posted anything yet, which makes me a little disappointed 😦 Maybe she’s too busy.

(4) So i’ve been having about this idea for the longest time i could ever remember. I’m contemplating how to start now. Some considerations i’ve been taking are (a) i haven’t been able to make time for it, (b) my commitment, how am i gonna sustain it once it’s started and (c) my long-term strategy?

(5) Blading. Been skating quite often these days. I try to maintain the schedule of once every week. It’s been really good. Other than this i want to resume swimming and running. I would love to play badminton again also but Gau had injured his arm before so i really don’t know if he wants to risk his arm again now.

I’m going home at the end of this month. Need to call Jetstar to buy my luggage, which i haven’t done as i procrastinate. Need to buy a cooker for my Mom, which i haven’t done too. Okay, talking about buying stuff home. I’ve been barking about this to everyone i know but i will only buy stuff for my family or for those who i know really really need it and cannot find it at home. Can you imagine one who never talks to me on a personal level for ages and one fine day, he/she drops me a random note – without asking how i’ve been doing to ask me buy a normal thing that doesn’t make any significant meaning in his/her life for him/her? Seriously, i’m not gonna entertain you. If you ask me nicely, probably i will still help you if it’s convenient for me to do so. So I’ve been so frank and clear, which i hope i will make you feel shy when you intend to ask me to help you with that. In contrast to me, my dear friend KC is helping everyone with everything. So there are different people with different perspectives.

Okay so that’s all for my 15-min stress release.

chili plant

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