foolish happiness

This blog is supposed to be anonymous. I know it’s read but supposedly by those who don’t know me personally. However, my boyfriend sometimes reads (and he said he felt happy knowing how much i love him) and i know one or two friends of mine read.

If you are reading to this line, keep reading because there’s nothing wrong with that and honestly this is a face of me and how you should know about me, on a personal level.

On the other side, i have been trying to have a blog for the public for the longest time of my life. That means, a blog where i can drive readers to from my professional or public profiles such as LinkedIn, Twitter or Tumblr. On that blog, I would want strangers to know about me as who i work for, what i work on and as and other stuff such as my own learning & development. In short, whom of me that anyone can know. Of course, no personal rant or whine about life as I do here (LOL!!!), no emo-ness and negativity. No love live and conversations. All in all, no personal life.

In the past, i made a few attempts which haven’t gone anywhere yet. I was totally disappointed with myself and that is enough. I’d better stop creating fluffs but start somewhere from the ground instead.

Therefore, I’m starting again with this Foolish Happiness. Well, the names doesn’t speak for the theme, I know LOL. But anyways, there it is.

Do visit it for a more professional me. Who knows we can work together in the future 🙂

foolish happiness

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