Chilli havest

My chili plant has been doing very well. The fruits have come out pretty a lot and they are just fat, red and healthy-looking.

There’s only one concern I have particularly during this period is it seems to be in sickness or something. The leaves turned yellowish and are very fragile, detachable from the branches. I don’t know what is happening but Gau said it might be due to the (autumn) season but I’m just skeptical as obviously there’s no fall in Singapore. Anyway I’m asking my Mom about it. Hope my baby plant is doing all fine.

My Dad loves to try the chillies I have been home-growing so he’s been wanting me to season it with something and bring home. So I plugged all that o can from the plant the other day and stored them in a jar in the fridge. Hope it will be okay for my Dad 🙂

Planting has been so joyful that I totally love it.

Chilli havest

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