what does death taste like?

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Disclaimer: I’m totally healthy and functioning well while writing this post. Please interpret "death" as mentioned in this post to my emotion state, depression or whatsoever. Please don’t ask questions like: are you okay? Does anything bad happen? Or anything along that line.

The real deal
I had a bad dream the other day which I will definitely have to write about. In the dream, I was near to the death or "falling to the death hole". I can vividly recall how I had felt in the dream and I thought that feeling can be totally true to certain circumstances in real life.

So I was thinking about death as an event of life. For almost every event that happens to you, there are always 3 stages: pre-event, during-the-event and post-event. You often feel excited, nervous, hesitant when expecting for the event to happen. It’s not rare when you have no pre-event experience for an event that comes unexpectedly. During the event, you will go through whatever experience that the event brings to you. Now for post event feeling, we can either feel happy, sad, disappointed, motivated, changed… and the list go on and on. Often times, the result of one event will more or less have an impact on you, your perspective, your mindset or your character. As time passes by, you are the result of your life’s events’ consequences.

For all that I’ve known, death is the only one-stop event that once it happens, it happens and ends this chain. And I wonder if we ever have a chance to taste the taste of death and smell the smell of death and if we have an opportunity to review the experienced death, what will we change the way to live our lives?

I might be over-imaginative to think about what i’m about to write down now but do take it as an "idea".

Say you have a machine/system/game/app or whatever it is that new advanced fancy technology can create. There’s a collection of ways that you can experience the death. Example: traffic accident, fall from heights, pain, etc and etc. And there’s option for expected death (sickness, pain, suffering, suicide) and unexpected death (accident). Get all your preferences selected and you are set in the context of the death. I guess this would be something like when you are hynotized or when you play emerging games. You are separated from the reality but yet you live in a reality-like virtual environment.

When something happens to our body, often times you don’t get to experience the whole event. For example, say if you are hit by a car, the moment the car thrusts a big force on your body, bones break, blood veins disconnect, skin scratched and just in sections, your brain can stop working and that’s when you feel nothing. What i would like to have to the my imaginative machine/system/game/app is the ability for one to experience the whole process from start to end of the accident. So you will get to see how the car breaks your bone (in slow-mo i guess?), how your blood veins cut and even when your brain stops working, you should still be able to see what the aftermath of the accident is. You either feel the pain longer or don’t feel the pain at all (cos your brain stops functioning remember?). Or when you fall from heights, in actual life i guess most people in the case would feel the panic yet at the same time, an establishment in their mind that they are dying. What are the last thoughts that people always think seconds before death? Do they think about happy moments? Do they think about the beloveds, regrets that they have in life, unchecked items from their bucket list, promises made yet not completed, goals yet not accomplished, or it’s gonna be just a series of their life events flashes up? I don’t know and i’m curious to find out.

Now once you have already experience that death, what is the impact on you if you have a chance to re-live your life? Would you be a better person? Would you give up all the things that are holding you up to pursue doing things that you love? Would you treat your parents better? Would you live more or live less? Or you are just purely terrified by the experienced death and develop a paranoia about death?

I don’t know the answers for all the questions above.

Death is such as mysterious thing. Personally i believe that death is the end of a life and there’s no more aftermath to death. But people talk so much about spirit, souls, reincarnation etc etc which makes me wonder if all those really happen? It would be nice to find out if it’s true.

For all that’s written here, above all i don’t want to die to experience the death 😛 I want to have that experience to understand how it will change me.

what does death taste like?

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