ah weddings!


Wedding has been brought to a higher level: business.

Seriously, here is my though about wedding:
– It’s a celebration and announcement to family, relatives and close friends. Plotting about earning from wedding is by all means wrong.
– If you can’t afford to throw a dinner to celebrate your marriage, then don’t do it at all.
– People who are invited want to share the marriage joy with you or they want to give you some face, therefore they turn up. They are invited. They don’t pay to attend your wedding.
– If you expect to earn from the wedding, indicate in the invitation card, how much does "admission fee" cost?
– Even with close acquaintances, any explicit demand of a specific number or range is downright rude. Jokes can become sensitive.
– Post-wedding, do say an official thanks to all those who attended your wedding or send their red packets/gifts in their absence. It’s not their chore to do that for you, it’s their goodwill for which you should be appreciative and grateful. As far as I can remember years ago when my relatives got marriage, they even came to my house and my grandparents house to say Thanks to my family for attending their weddings. Time changes things and i guess people move their communications to phone, email or Facebook now which i think still acceptable. I was obviously and publicly disappointed with friends to whom i sent my gifts and i didn’t get a single word about those from them afterwards. The one ridiculous thing that one of them did was tagging me to the photo of the gift and that’s it. I don’t need to claim my gift yo! Was excited for them, yet so disappointed with the lack of their courtesy.

So that’s my thought about weddings. Personally, I would rather have one cozy garden wedding with my family and some closest friends, probably not more than 30 people. But that’s my own idealism. I know it will differ when it comes to reality.

ah weddings!

One thought on “ah weddings!

  1. Ran says:

    it should be done like this. weddings should be a celebration and not a business. celebrate it with people you love without asking them anything in return

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