Vu Hanh Nguyen vs. My Tam

I’m not one who likes to be tagged long with happenings but i’d like to speak my mind regarding one heated matter surfacing on the press in the recent 2 days.

This is all about My Tam’s newest music video "Trang Den" (Black & White)

From Vu Hanh Nguyen (VHN) point of view, My Tam (MT) has used one of the beats created for another song for her song. This is the core of the hoohaa but what caused the fluffs is VHN’s arrogance and disrespect in her tone and message.

Here go my thoughts.

For My Tam:
– If you have infringed the copyright – intentionally, subconsciously or unintentionally, apologize.
– I like your coolness and seriously, you don’t need to address those nonconstructive comments, especially from those who don’t have much credits. You are made of so much better stuff and you should spend your time creating awesome work.

For Vu Hanh Nguyen:
– I kind of like you on a personal level and i admire you for your frankness, straightforwardness (moderately) and fearlessness.
– I think you have some sorts of talents and you are like a rough diamond that needs to be polished. I love some of your songs and to be honest, Dung Tim Lai Em was on non-stop mode in my iPod last week.
– Nevertheless, I don’t like you enough to blindly support your rude and disrespectful comments about others, especially towards your seniors who have far more achievements than yours.
– You might be well-aware of your strong character and be over-confident about it to the point that you look down on all others.
– I totally think it’s okay to raise the issue of copyright infringement when you spot one and i’m sure you will get a lot of support if you lay your message correctly and humbly. You shouldn’t have taken that spot to be an opportunity to step on others. Similarly, a nemo can’t kill a whale with its spikes (if it ever has one). It’s just downright stupid.
– You are still young and you have a long journey to prove yourself. Learn, stay humble and grow. Don’t let arrogance and ego kill you and close your road ahead.
– If you are ever so proud of your special voice and musical taste, I believe you have far more things to prove it rather than trying to get talked about by creating scandals. That’s not how others will perceive of you and you won’t be thought of as a singer as you did want to. Just a simple search on Google and see what the vibes about you are?

To conclude, I think VHN is gonna lose in this battle LOL.
It’s okay, it doesn’t affect your music though. As long as you make good music, i would still listen to your songs.

More here and here.

Vu Hanh Nguyen vs. My Tam

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