I happened to be in the centre of a big tornado of miscommunication today.

I didn’t remember what i said in the day before yesterday but today it hit me at the back. I only remember my mind wander around when i had that conversation and i commented on a movie character.

And my friend took it literally that i was commented on … HER! So the big hoohaa happened.

After long tedious explanations from all the parties, things seemed to straighten out and i hope my friend who got offended feels fine now. I seriously hope there’s no hard feeling there because i get to see her tomorrow.

But I will be lying if i say this whole thing didn’t bug the shit out of me.

  • First of all, i wasn’t the one who links my friend with that goddamn annoying character. I think i was rejecting that idea with all the Nos.
  • Secondly, when i was recalling how the character looks like and acts like, all my comments are about that girl. And I don’t know why the root of the miscommunication is based on my comments on other (of cos i was super frank that i didn’t like that character thats why i didn’t get a good impression of her. And that’s probably why my friend got offended with all the bad things). At least, i didn’t mean to link my friend to that character
  • Thirdly, my friend said she was upset and disappointed because of my judgement and ignorance. This is the result of the miscommunication. In retrorespect, i got upset too for such conclusion about me. It was not like we are a kind of diplomatic friends, we are pretty close and i hang out with her more than any friends i have in Singapore for the last 2 years. And she thought i judged her and humiliated her for being who she is.
  • Fourthly, on being who she is, i said “As long as your are happy, all else is good”, my line was interpreted as “You can say whatever you want to say and i will agree with you to make you happy” – ah another fireball thrown.
  • Fifthly, since you choose to be who you are, you should be confident about yourself. Why got yourself beat up by all those negative thoughts? To be honest, I have met and worked with so many people like you and they know their stand. Even when being questioned/doubted about their decision, they either confidently elaborated or jokingly laughed about it. No offense taken.
  • Sixthly, “loser” is a special word which i don’t usually use or even think of using that. Simply because of its impact. I’m not a winner of anything to think of others as losers.

I hate blaming on “miscommunication” when there’s miscommunication. When you have a hard feeling, why don’t you spit it out immediately? From one thing leading to another, that’s a hell of annoyance and discomfort one has to deal with. In this case, if she was seriously or even jokingly asked me: do you mean i’m a loser being who i am? I am 100% sure things won’t go too far like this.

I hope this bugginess will disappear tomorrow before i see you.

Thought i can leave work early now for a catch up drink. Okay, off for a weekend. I miss my Gau.



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