Psy, Gangnam Style & the world phenomenon.

I have read tons of articles writing about Lady Gaga and her marketing awesomeness. The latest thing i read was the drawing below that popped in my Facebook feeds.

Inline image 1Src

So i understand she was smart, her music is awesome, she’s got great personality, she created community for her own fans, she personally talks to her monsters, she brings exclusivity to those who supports her etc and etc.

Now theoretically, I’ve got that and i admired Lady Gaga and her team for pulling it all together.

What strikes me now is how on earth Psy can create a wonder that puts Lady Gaga in the shadow? Don’t get me wrong here, Lady Gaga is still great and all but LOOK, everyone is talking about PSY now and dancing his “dress classy, dance cheesy” move. Ryan Seacrest calls him a “pop culture phenomenon“. What’s more, he recently has even got a Guinness World Record for his hit “Gangnam Style” which became the most “liked” video in Youtube history. (Which by this, i mean putting Lady Gaga and whoever there Justin Bieber, Katy Perry etc etc in the shadow). I was talking to my friend the other day and we are like: yea yea, Gangnam Style again, it is abused. We are kind of fed up listening to it again and again in all kinds of events we come to. Just when i thought the hype is already over, there i’ve got this.

To be honest, I haven’t yet read up what took PSY to become an international star overnight as he is now. To me, it’s just so magical. I don’t know why but i feel so happy when i watched the video above and watched those western glamorous people including Heidi Klum (omg!) dance along the song (they did actually collab here and man, Heidi Klum has dancing feet!!!!), doubtingly understand a single word that comes out from Psy’s mouth . It just makes me feel like the world is much smaller like and people are getting so closer. For that, Psy should be awarded a Nobel prize for Music, Peace and Tourism combined.

With this amazing breakthrough, i believe he has just given hope to the regional music industry. Asian artists (by this i mean those who were born and raised in Asia), please go far and diversify the world’s music landscape. I’m looking forward to so much more in the years to come.

Psy, Gangnam Style & the world phenomenon.

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