the world on the other side

My boss is trying to get some support for me and for weeks, i’ve been talking/interviewing people who want to join our company.

Man, the world looks slightly different when i’m not an interviewee. I guess here are some tips you and for me.

1. When replying to an email that says you are shortlisted for an interview, always reply with "Thanks for your interest in my application"/"Thanks for your attention on my CV"/"Thanks for considering me"… It makes the person hiring you feel good when the candidate appreciates his/her time looking through the resume & CVs and pick you. It’s the very first impression one should make.

2. When saving your CV, don’t ever name it as "CVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV" like a fucking joke.

3. When arriving at the company, smile to the receptionist or whoever attends to you and say clearly: I’m XYZ, I’m here for an interview with ABC. Don’t give them a stoned face and mumble: I have an interview here.

4. During the interview, when you are asked to ask question, do ask relevant questions. There was this girl telling me: I did a research about you and I saw your LinkedIn profile and I know you work for this agency before, why did you leave them? First of all, it’s bloody creepy that you literally and publicly stalk on me. Secondly, excuse me, what’s your problem with my employment history here? Thirdly, that’s all your interest about the company and the position you’re applying to?

5. Don’t address your interviewer "Sir", "Madam", "Mdm", unless you apply to be waitor/waitress in a restaurant. Salutation + Surname is too formal but it’s acceptable and you should only do it once. Don’t ever address the interviewer by Salutation + Name, like i feel weird when people call me Miss Jenny (unless you are my friend and you’re trying to make some freaking jokes on me).

6. Do write a follow-up email after the interview. Just thank the interviewer for taking time to talk to you.

7. Interviewers are not your friend, yet! There was one guy whom did the first interview with and my boss did the 2nd one with him. 30 mins after he walked out of my office, i’ve got his mail asking: eh, how does your boss think about me ah? It’s my job to report to you or what?

8. Appreciate the fact that the interviewer sets aside the time for meet and talk to you, so give them the priority in timing. I’ve ever had one interviewee who told me she needs at least 4 hours to get dressed before going out therefore she can’t make it on time. Seriously, i’m not trying to judge you based on your personal routine but if you need some me-time, at least give me some digestible excuses no?

9. If you’d like to follow up, ask the interviewer when you can hear from them or get in touch with them again. If the interviewer says: i’m gonna let you know by Thursday, don’t write to them before Thursday and ask: hey, can or not? . There was this girl to whom i said i will get back to her by the week after say (Friday next week) because i’ve got some other candidates to talk to. On that night after the interview, she emailed me and said: Can you let me know by Monday? I already said i can’t make a decision before Friday because i need to interview some other candidates, why is it not clear to you. If you really want to have an answer, it’s fair to say No already.

10. When being asked what you are currently doing, try your best to elaborate. Here’s the most boring conversation i’ve had:
– So you’re in agency life as well?
– Yea
– What exactly do you do in your position?
– Hmmmmm, talk to the client, talk to the internal team and get things done
– Specifics?
– I will get the brief from client and get my team to do that (very informative answer)
– So, who are your clients
– A, B, C, D
– How do you guys work out a campaign?
– We don’t really have campaigns. All adaptation work.
– You’re in Senior AE position now. Why apply for an AE post?
– I see wrongly.
*YAWN!!!! Bored to death.

I have had much more to write but this is an overdue post, some points have been dropped over time.

I really don’t mean to be arrogant or laugh about those candidates whom i talked to. What I’m saying now is the whole practice have given me a new perspective to sit at the other side of the table. This is an opportunity to learn what hiring managers usually see and want to see in a candidate. I’m sure i would be much more thoughtful and behave myself in my future interviews 🙂

the world on the other side

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