Crisis is everywhere these few weeks. While people are inclined to think about this tough time as deep shit, rock bottom, jading death… I’m forcing myself to embrace the experience with all courage that i have plus a smile.With of course some swearing and curses here and there to balance myself out. And the vision of one day, we all sit down, have a drink and laugh at what we have been through now.

It’s crucial to go back to the root of an issue when crisis happens. But there’s no point arguing over and over again on a blaming session, passing the responsibility across the table.

Fact is we all have limited hours per day to work on unlimited things. We all have different priorities for what we have on hands and often times, our priorities don’t align. What to do baby? You and me, we are all in this together. Let’s aim to reach the ultimate goal, not each other’s face.

Or you can choose to move the fuck on if your dignity can afford it.

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