the ever ever busy period

For the last 1 week, i have been working non stop from 9am – 2pm everyday including Saturday and Sunday. Rushing to launch 3 websites in the same time frame is madness!! I’m thankful i haven’t fell sick or anything.

All I pray for is all sites are launched on time and smoothly. The miscommunication and whatever hiccups happening are ridiculously bugging the fuckshit out of me. Funny people are everywhere, including:
– Those shamelessly over-promise and under-deliver
– Those have no ownership on their domain
– Those have no sense of urgency and priority
– Those believe in miracles. Miracles don’t happen that often, hard work moves things around.
– Those pass the responsibility ball across the table
– Those have no understanding in what they do/have to do

This is obviously draining my energy and i will hang in here for another week or so. Can’t wait for January to come and i’ll be back home chilling.

Oh, some decent under-the-table conversations (to keep peace) i had with my developer. This definitely cheers me up a little amidst all the chaotic chaos. I hope he means what he’s said 🙂

2.45AM and i’m off for bed now zzzz.



the ever ever busy period

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