this is bizarre

For some reasons, this blog of mine has received pretty much views and visitors than I expect.

This is just bizarre as i mean to keep the blog unnoticed. To me, it’s like "mumbling" – I need to say something out but at the same time i don’t want people to hear it. This blog is for me to vent out my thoughts and i don’t let anyone know including my family, friends, acquaintances etc… It’s not because i have something to hide. It’s because i only write when there’re things bugging me or i’m in a down mode or i’m upset or anything … whatever the occasion is, i don’t want make people worry or question me "what’s going on?", "are you okay", "tell me what’s going on" and all that stuff.

Anyways, I’m glad that i have this much attention (hopefully :D). I hope everyone’s had a pleasant stay while you’re browsing this page 🙂

this is bizarre

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