Asean Basketball League Season 4

So the wait is finally over, ABL is back.

Singapore Slingers opened their season with a win over Chang Thailand Slammers at 56-50. A good analysis of the match is here. Personally speaking, this 1st match was a tad disappointing that it made me feel like the players were not well-fed. Five minutes into the 1st half came the 1st score. Like, seriously?

Anyways, if there’s something positive about this match. That must be Wei Long still living up to his Long-Ranger name, scoring 10 points with 3 3-pointers. I was impressed that Desmond scored 1 3-pointer as well and I was actually looking forward to Sheng Yu getting his fair share but he just didn’t have a chance to. Well, at least the Slingers won. But if they are still playing with this performance, we are not gonna come down to support them anymore.

Here’s Joe Bryant, coach of Chang Thailand Slammers and Kobe Bryant‘s dad answering the press & sharing his thought about the match (and the loss maybe? – sorry i’m mean).

What i’m really looking forward to in this season is watching Saigon Heat compete but it seems like i will not get that chance (with all the timings that are not up to my convenience >.<). Saw an interview of Connor Nguyen – co-owner of Saigon Heat on ESPN the other day and he was quite positive about the team this year. The last i checked, 2 players of SGH are standing at no.1 and no.2 in the leaders chart. Besides, my boyfriend keeps feeding me info like "Tan Binh stadium is always full with audience. One must get there at least 2 hours in advance to get a seat" or "I’d better take you to see Saigon Heat, they all do 3-pointer shoots". Urghh, how can one tell me to not be so excited about this?!

On a side note, Connor mentioned the management team has planned to spend and invest in some marketing efforts and promoting SGH in Vietnam. I actually do have my Facebook feeds filled daily with pictures and status updates for this and I’m just glad that basketball is being taken more seriously in Vietnam now 🙂

Aside from all the heat and hypes, I hope they will look into putting together a youth team and train them to be the next generation Saigon Heat. Yeah, i’m itching with the fact that 3/5 of the team are imported players.

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> Henry Nguyen (Owner of Saigon Heat) Talks About His Team’s Expectations in AirAsia ABL Season 3

Asean Basketball League Season 4

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