family time

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The screwed up flight schedule has made me so awake at this wee hour.

Looking back, my favorite moments in Hanoi in my recent trip are:

1. Sitting in a cafe with my dad, looking out to the street, people-gazing. The music player was playing some 90s hits of my favorite’s in the background. The cool breeze added another dimension to the scene.

My dad ordered a coke and I have a “nau da” (milk coffee). It was so peaceful I just can’t express how much I would love to be in that moment again.

2. Mom and Dad chatted up with the taxi driver. He was telling us about his other company that manufactures office and home wear and my mom asked for so many details as if she was planning to visit the shop and acquire all the clothes. So I exclaimed: mom why are you asking so much? Plan to buy something there? My mom gave me a serious answer with all valid explanations which I can’t remember what they are now but it was just purely funny.

And my dad shook his head like saying: just typically your mom.

3. Having cake with my grandma (the wedding cake from my uncle’s wedding). I finished the ‘cake’ and left the ‘cream’ as it was just too sweet for me. And my grandma said: why don’t you finish all? – She was implying i shouldn’t waste food. So with all my ability to BS, I came up with things like: there’s so much coloring that isn’t good for your health, the sweetness is artificial which must be made from some unknown chemical ingredients, one should just eat ‘cake’ which was made by cheese and eggs that we know less harmful etc… Then my grandma said: okay, then I don’t want this cream too.

And my mom gave me a you-are-full-of-shit look. LOL!

4. Grandma asking me: hey what do you think of the bride? It made me feel so much like gossiping in high school when I and my BFF small-talked and discussed about guys. It always started with: hey, what do you think about XYZ?

5. Bumping into my mom’s BFF whom I haven’t seen for a while. She bombarded me with Why-questions like:
– You look like you’ve some lost weight. Why?
– Your hair is long. Why?
– Your skin is white. Why?
– Your make up is nice. Why?

All those with a poker face. Pretty much like I’m talking with another anal me I feel. But it was funny.

6. Drinking game of my uncle’s colleagues in his wedding. Jokes were all work/process-related. I like learning about working culture in VN in such context :D

7. Telling my mom: why is uncle so anxious? The next thing I know is my mom talked non-stop about uncle’s anxiety.

8. Asking my dad something and he relayed the message to my mom: Jenny and I would like to know why… LOL!!!!

Those are just probably some.

The sleepiness and tiredness has just kicked in. I should therefore end here and go to bed *yawn. Have 3 hrs for sleeping and I think I should be good (hopefully!!)

family time

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