an overdue post

I composed the post below randomly as and when i had time last week. Everything is in the middle of nowhere. I think i should just post it up.


If there is something i can say about this very weekend, it would be the "least-welcome weekend" that could ever happen. I mean, i wish my holiday is not ending today. It has been a great 10-day break on when i needed it the most.

I feel like venting my thoughts out, at the same time I don’t know where to begin. I’m almost lost in the maze in my own mind. I’m totally disoriented.

I guess I should just pull out some random nuggets to somehow lose some weight of all the thoughts.

  • Still pondering on the question if the problem is my attitude? I have not sorted myself out, not yet. #sian.
  • I wish i could pretend that i haven’t grown enough to be reckless, to stay true to myself #carpediem and just get away with an apology wahaha. #adulthoodsucks.
  • Didn’t get myself settled to assess all the plans i’ve been drawing out at the back of my head. #procrastination.
  • I’m tired of myself trying to analyze every single thing and consider all possible consequences. Back to the 2nd point, i wish i could just be a kid. #adulthoodsucks.
  • The next trip that will bring me home is potentially next LNY holiday. Wah…
  • Mojito is not an universal drink. Its taste varies depending on the bartender.
  • I’m ridiculed by getting annoyed by technologies. Why does that matter that much? It actually doesn’t. I want to laugh at myself for going around now.
  • Sometimes I feel like I prefer being trapped in time, chewing on the experience of a dramatic emotion ride.
  • Am inspired to get a list of minimum necessity that one needs to survive the modern days. #simplifylife
  • I said I’m not a coffee drinker. I enjoyed myself the most having good coffee, people gazing, not worrying what time I need to get my ass off the cafe. I actually had most of it in this holiday.
  • Everyone should have a funny friend(s). He/she/they must be so funny that can crack you up when you’re most occupied by disturbing thoughts. I’m so thankful I have a good bunch lol. My dad is actually a champion.
an overdue post

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