talking to myself

I’m bored. Like seriously bored.

The thing is whenever I’m bored, little small things make me happy. Such as I’m looking through all the texts exchanged with Gau and those would just make me feel hysterical.

So at the same time, I’m happy.


Anyway, I’m stuck. I want to get out as soon as the possible. Meanwhile, I’m kind of getting used to already comfortable. Thinking about starting over gives me a chill. Again, #contradiction.

I’m grumpy for no reason now. On the flip side, I feel good. It’s like I’ve just saved myself from an accident where I’m 1mm close to the car wahaha.

Okay. Now I feel hungry. Big party today in house tonight. The guys are gonna get wasted.

Alright, I should take myself easy. It’s only a few hours until the looooong weekend kicks in so let’s just stop trying so hard to think of all things to entertain myself.

talking to myself

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