15 May, 2013 15:01

I want to put moments for nights like tonight in words.

I’m sitting here, feeling so light-headed. I’m genuinely happy. I blasting my favourite songs through loud speakers, enjoying every single beats. Gau is sitting next to me. At times, i would run over to him, sniffing his skin and leaving a kiss on his cheek. He’s preparing for the Japan trip and I’m just being … lazy.

It’s raining outside. The air is still stuffy and suffocating. This heat is just unbearable. I can’t afford to think that summer hasn’t even started. My skin is sticky. My butt is just sweating. All this doesn’t irritate me at all. I’m still happy.

I’m freer than ever. I can take time to read a piece of write-ups. I can slowly chew up words. I stumble upon different things, jumping from stuff to stuff. I would be lying if I said i’m not worried. With a dash of anxiety, I am. But I have a series of positive images in my mind. These positive thoughts keep me sane and hopeful.

I will be alright – I tell myself. And I believe so.

Half integrity is not integrity. I enjoy every moment the client appreciates me based on the relationship I have built from working hard for them. There is no shortcut, no alternative in winning someone’s heart, rather than be sincere, honest and hardworking. It’s as simple as that. No matter how ugly you think life can make you, don’t do things that you can’t take pride in. I guess I have found my stand, probably until life defeats me with its unfairness. I don’t expect it to come, but just so you know i’m aware.

15 May, 2013 15:01

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