the jokes of Osaka

1. A night on the streets of Osaka, I and Gau were talking back to the hotel from day trips. There was a couple walking hand in hand in front of us.

Gau: I think that couple stay in the same hotel with us
Me: Let’s beat them (out of the blue, i don’t know why i had that idea)

The couple then walked past the hotel.

Gau: Oh, they don’t stay in the same hotel with us
Me: Beat them (I totally forgot that i said this earlier)
Gau: Tsk, life sucks. Get beaten, either way.

So this has become a joke on the next day.

We were walking back to the hotel from lunch and saw a women pulling her luggage in front of us.

Me: Hey what do you think if I suddenly jump on her luggage and let her pull me too?
Gau: You try and let me know how it feels.

We then forgot about that idea. Later, in the hotel reception:

Gau: Guess what, the woman pulling the luggage just now stays here too
Me: Ah, If i had known this earlier, i will beat her up.


Okay, this joke is not supposed to be as violent as it may sound. It’s purely ‘random’ and ‘funny’.

2. On packing up before our departure and after weighing Gau’s luggage.

Gau: Okay, 13kg. Short of 2kg, anything you want me to keep in my luggage for you?
Me: Short of 2kg? So easy, just put in a few bricks.

He then stared at me.


the jokes of Osaka

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